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Friday, 23 April 2010

Horseshoes And Handgrenades

“You cant make up your mind. Please don’t waste my time. I’m not trying to rewind”
Eenie Meenie - Justin Bieber feat. Sean Kingston

Lady Luck has been playing hide and seek with me all week. The fluctuation of my luck is crazy.

I have no idea how many people read my last post, but I have a feeling that quite a number of people did. Many agreed with what I wrote, and I sure feel better that I wrote it.

Tiday was supposed to be a breezy day because of the fact that I would be sitting in college doing nothing for the first few periods. Maths teacher is out of town, ESL teacher is busy with issue analysis (which I messed up on Wednesday). I got to college at 10:30 due to the intercampus bus schedule which was really inflexible

Before I continue, I was on the bus on the way home when I found this:


What is it?

It’s the stylus to some Nokia Xpressmusic or X-series handset. It’s got a pretty nice touch to it.

So did anyone lose this on the U623 bus bound for Kelana Jaya? If so, give me a ring at 0172914344 and I’ll ask you a few questions. If it’s yours, you can have it back. If it isn’t claimed in the next week, it goes up on sale here on Drive The Sensation with at a price of RM10, all of which goes to the fund towards my HTC Tattoo.

Any takers? Well, think of it as a Nokia Original accessory. After all, it sure looks genuine. It doesn’t scratch screens!

Now thanks to a few people on Twitter, namely Josh Lim (@joshlim), Dila Ariff (@dilaariff), Jason Smashpop (@smashpOp) and David Chew (@DavidChewYL), I’m hooked and addicted to FourSquare.

What’s that? It’s like a gigantic computer game that requires….erm…movement and adventure. No, not a quest into the dark forest of Wooloomolooo or the Cave of the Ancient Whangdoodle, but a journey to anywhere around you. It’s GPS oriented and can enable you to check-in to locations (especially Starbucks Coffee branches) to update and earn points.

It’s really interesting stuff. I always had a passion for GPS and location-based programming and the works. It’s very…inspiring. :)

I’mma go sleep and post this tomorrow. NIGHTS.


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