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Thursday, 8 April 2010

From The Fourth Floor

“You're the reason I was born, now I finally know for sure and I'm overwhelmed with happiness, so blessed to hold you close. The one that I love most with all the future has so much for you in store. Who could ever love you more?”
Miracle - Celine Dion

Prayers can go a very long way. It’s not a rare sight to see them flow right out of the church doors.

To everyone of you who read about my mum’s condition a few posts back, thanks for praying if you did (or even if you spared a thought for her). Today, my friends, was a day of amazing divine intervention.

To begin, I was late to college this morning. Traffic was bad, and I was dead beat. I’m still as tired as hell.

Oh crap. It’s Thursday.

Ok. Fine. My driving exam was supposed to be today, but it got postponed to next week because of miscommunication. My driving school rocks. Their signature route is called “Up The Wall.” (Yes, I know. Lame joke.)

After bailing out of college and hitting the hospital to see mum in to the operating theatre, the heat was on. I couldn’t think nor could I study. I had the urge to do so many things and I was constantly praying and praying that God be on our side…

…and He was.

Remember the 5.5cm growth in her abdomen? IT VANISHED. There was NOTHING THERE when the endoscope was inserted. She was quite frustrated at the crazy operation that she went through all for nothing, and she can’t urinate properly now but WHAT THE HECK! It’s GONE!

Thank you all for praying for her. See how much one little prayer can do? Jesus loves us. It’s his duty to take care of us because He made us. All you have to do is set aside a few moments to just ask :).


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