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Saturday, 13 March 2010


"Got my elbows down, pinkies up. That's the way you sip my cup."
Tea Party - Kerli

Since I was young I've striven to live with the people and things around me. My family, the country, the world and beyond that. But somehow, there's one thing that I still find trouble living with...

I'm fine with bunnies. In fact, I quite like them. The thing I can't live with? TIME.

It was a helluva mission. Subang Jaya to Mid Valley Megamall in less than 2 hours by RAIL. There was no other safe choice to take. So I took the KTM Commuter to the Midvalley Station. Time taken? 1 hour 35 minutes. Goal time was 1 hour 15 minutes though.

That was my first evening out with the Advertlets gang. It was real fun being at a life-sized Wonderland in the middle of Mid Valley Megamall which was sealed off for a private event.

Dome Cafe catered for the Mad Hatter's Tea party. The scene was enacted just as Ean (from described. He said it looked like it was taken right out of wonderland and placed in Mid Valley. It was an experience like no other. The launch of the movie was mainly sponsored by MasterCard Malaysia, HSBC Bank and Walt Disney Studios Malaysia.

Swarovski Crystals and Nina perfumes also had their roles. Swarovski made awesome use of their Epoxy-aligned crystal jewelery and created a whole line of products to match the movie. From red hearts to represent the Red Quees to flowery designs to reflect to beauty of Wonderland.

Now about the movie...

In terms of chemistry, this movie had the twists like no other. But first, I don't think it should be called Alice in Wonderland. First reason being that the movie was not ENTIRELY based in Wonderland and that second, the movie was about Alice's SECOND trip into Wonderland. She made her first trip in the animated Disney movie.

Nonetheless, it was good. The theme and the computer graphics were breathtaking. Although the 3D was not put to good use at all, the scenes of Wonderland reminded me of the planet Pandora from Avatar. It was the fruit of talents well invested.

So I shall not spoil the story for you, but I bet if you're gonna walk into the cinema hall and expect to see the super pumped and 3D version of the old Alice in Wonderland you saw years ago on your CRT television hooked up to your VCR, you're in for a huge surprise.

My verdict? This is the sort of movie that's just right for the post-work mood. The chemistry of suspense was just right. Not too suspenseful but still quite predictable. Not the kind of movie that makes you pause and ponder about things, but the kind of movie you can just sit back, relax and enjoy.


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