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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Time Is Running Out

“Baby I know how to fly. Oh, nothing can hold me down, I’m gonna touch the sky.”
Shut It Down - Pitbull feat. Akon

Earth hour just slipped by. Some of use were in the darkness enjoying, some frolicking at a slumber party planned just to celebrate it, and some other savouring candlelight romance. Then there are a few who had their lights on damn bright throughout the one hour.

What did I do? That’s simple. Blast the air conditioning (mum’s order because she’s not well) and watch The Hurt Locker. I couldn’t help but to look out for something that I read on Twitter a few weeks back.


Look closely. Still can’t see it?

It’s the Malaysian pride and joy (and probably the vehicle I’ll be driving after i get my license.) The Proton Wira. (It’s in the bottom left part of the picture if you still don’t see it.)

For those of you with slow computers or bad internet connections, stop bathing in the fact that you cheated by judging from the image filename. Yes I know our ISPs in Malaysia are getting from bad to worse. Blame them. They need it.

I can’t believe that college is gonna start again in 2 days. I’ve gotta go conduct the SIC JYM Children’s Choir at the Infant Jesus convent in Cheras and then make it home finish choir practice and down the remains of my Legal Studies homework.

Ok. This is a quick update. I gotta get back to work. Earth Hour’s long over!


Another lil' advertlet

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