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Monday, 8 March 2010

Tamil Splash Remix

"Can you feel it? Music thumping, stars are shining and we're grinding. We were moving."
Nobody Like You (Chirantan Bhatt Remix) - Neeraj Shridhar, Anoushka & Ishq Bector

It took one really, really hard tight slap in the face to wake me up from this perpetual spiral of prejudice I was in.

Honestly, P1 has brought me through a whole new stage in life that I never thought i would pull through. But today I owe alot to our class rep, Kenn.

Kenn, you taught me something today that made me realize how much of an ass hole I've been (spelt that correctly for once :)). Somehow, somewhere along the line, I went against my own beliefs and became extremely hypocritical. It took a friend like you to turn that around. I know you walk away from the insignificant, but thanks for counting me in and accepting me for who I am. I'm willing to change just as much as you are.

Sometimes, walking alone on the journey of life is a dangerous route to take. Especially when you get caught in this downward-spiraling vortex of depression. The kinda crap that happens is really silly. I mean, look at me. I keep telling my pals that we shouldn't look upon others by their race, but look at me now. I do it myself and don't even realize it.

As Jude Antoine said during one of our training camps: "God created us such that we cannot see our own face. He made it the job of another to look at it and tell you how you are from the outside because it's really not supposed to be our job to judge ourselves. If it was, there would be more vanity in today's world than ever before.

So I would like to apologize for all the crap I wrote in the past 2 posts. I've been a little very inconsiderate and I can't believe that I even did such a heartless thing. I know I made the excuse that I grew up in racist conditions. From the day I was placed in Chinese school to the time I was shifted to private school and now, in college. I'm still discriminated, but the folks who treat me by my race know always apologize for what they say, and I guess it's my turn to say sorry to the world. Especially the Chinese.

I would like to close with a little something that Kenn left in my ShoutMix:
...saying 'no offence intended' after offending people is like giving someone a slap and telling them you didn't.
With that, God bless you Kenn, and everyone else who reads this AND forgives me.

True and Unconditional Love,

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