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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

In My Chevette -Part One- In A Hood Near You

“You have been good to me. You kept your word and got me through these years. All I ask is that you be there when I return”
This Is Our Town - We The Kings


I’m sitting in the back seat of my driving instructor’s Perodua Kancil after just having finished my final driving class. Tomorrow’s my test. Wish me luck!

Never before have I pushed a car to 60 km/h and feel comfortable doing it. The experience was one-of-a-kind and the confidence I felt was amazing. I sure hope I can do the same tomorrow.

Perodua Kancils are rather claustrophobia inducing. They are tiny in size and are certainly NOT my kind of car. I wouldn’t mind the same engine in a bigger vehicle though. It’s the size that I dislike.

College was a rough ride today. The economics presentation was pretty much a mess, and I have no one but myself to blame again. The kind of marks I received were hopeless. ESL was still a rocky road. I think I might have to do a last-minute alteration to my investigative study proposal…

To add to the shitstorm, some complete idiots are giving my old school a bad name.

Love is an intriguing thing that makes our lives more worthwhile. There is no life without love. And no, I’m not talking about the crazy lala girls who go through 20 boyfriends in a month or the vain and spendthrift boys who take 10 girls out in a week. I’m not even talking about those bimbos who fall in “love” at a young age age and let a breakup tear their life to shreds.

In fact, this has little or nothing to do with love.

What I’m talking about is lust. People give in to lust easily. It’s no doubt that lust is the number one cause of rape in this world. However, we are not born with lust, we develop it. The people who are more lustful are those who possess an ego the size of a football and indulge in pornography every other day.

Unfortunately, a small subset of those people think that money can solve all problems. And he happens to be causing a shitload of trouble. I mean, you’re only 16 It’s the time to enjoy your life before you hit the real world. Sex was made as a gift of love. Love must always come first because it takes two loving people to take raise a child to take on the world. Look at your parents. Do you think they were caught in a wedlock? Even if they were, they won’t be the ones spoiling you with an iPhone and an education in a private school.

I always thought the description of one’s behaviour as “slutty” was just an insult and a dirty gimmick. I finally realized that it is actually a class of it’s own. Sluts make you think they care about you. They make you think they love you. They do that to all their customers to bring in the revenue that may even be what puts the food on their families’ plates. Same goes for the behaviour. It’s simple – A one night stand then it’s over……

…or is it?

What if a baby comes along? What’s gonna happen then!?

Sex isn’t a toy! Stop fooling around with it! If you just really, really can’t resist the lustful assole in you, at least keep it out of MY SCHOOL. Go do it at some backalley in a red light district in Kuala Lumpur. You have the money to afford the prima donnas there. No transport? Do it with your hand. Just don’t ruin the image of a school that changed my life with your stupid ego.

Sekolah Sri Nobel is MY TERRITORY. While you’re there, you do only one of two things and that’s either to keep the standard there up as it is, or to improve it. You don’t like it? GET OUT. You belong somewhere else.


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