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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Russian Roulette

"I won't tell you that I love you, kiss or hug you cause I'm bluffing. With my muffin I'm not lying, i'm just stunning."
Pokerface - Lady Gaga

It's Wednesday and I'm coughing like a...


      ...a sick...






Nevermind. I never found a metaphor that stresses on the extremes of coughing. Maybe it's because I've never coughed so much before in my entire life.

But besides coughing, my throat feels like a golf ball. Out of the sneezing, the obvious coughing and the laughing. I laughed my bum off today.

Bringing back old jokes, clean and dirty from the archives of the secondary school life made me laugh till my stomach hurt. I was mentally crazy for nearly an hour just cracking jokes with Joel. Digging up old stuff really is nostalgic and can bring back memories that'll make you laugh for minutes on end.

Cap Goh Meh is over, thus preventing us from betting our pants off. However, we're still addicted to the deck. So how? We started by flicking each other on the fingers and slowly increasing the penalties to sit ups and "Billie Jean" moves. It ended a lil extremely, but not over the hedge :).

So now it's time for me to sleep because I'm dead tired, but before that I need to congratulate the Balloon Buzz Party Centre and Balloon Bouquets for their latest achievement - to be featured on a UK Balloon website. All because of their latest masterpiece,

(Taken from the Balloon Buzz Party Centre Facebook Page)

By the way, I'm referring to the floral balloon arch and NOT the clown.

Congrats again!


Another lil' advertlet

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