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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Not Thinkin’ Bout Tomorrow

“Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free.”
Nobody But You - Wondergirls

It’s ten past twelve on an early Thursday morning. The workload resembles a clogged funnel. So much on the top waiting to get over at such a slow pace.

I just sit reflect on so many things when the night is at this point of time. I can’t believe it’s passing so fast. Every second counts. It’s as if the world has started spinning faster all of a sudden.

Coming to think of it, this week was full of tiny little realizations. Small things that I never knew about myself just surfaced.

First was Sham. I underestimated what kind of friend I was to him. Just looking at how I treated him in the past few years breaks my heart. Every call from him which I turned down, every invitation I rejected and every instant message I ignored. Damn, I feel like a shitty friend at times.

And there are other things too.

“Anyone know how many balloons I can stuff in a Nissan Sentra?”

“That depends. Are they 8 inches, 12 inches or 16 inches?”

“Regular balloons lah!”

To be honest, you can stuff a million balloons in a compact car. Who said you need to blow them up?

Malaysia is a rubber producing country, but it’s surprising how difficult it is to engage in a conversation with someone about balloons. Just after saying goodbye to Sham, I went to Party Gadget in Times Square to take a look.

It so happened that the lady at the counter was a decorator, and that she was in the business of balloons too. The knowledge I gained that night was tremendous. She taught me so much. Best part? She even told me “You seem to know a lot about balloons. Are you a decorator?”

That made me smile. :)

I answered no. I told her I was into decorating and gifts, which is partially true (right Stephanie?).

She was a bit of a blurcase, but friendly enough to just talk to an enthusiastic customer at 10pm on a monday night.

There’s also the third fact that I am, again, procrastinating.

Nothing new.

People are tweeting about their Facebook marital status and making a big full over it. Just look at Facebook these days. More than half the marriages you see are just fake close-friend marriages. The family feature of Facebook has clearly been abused far to much.

But what can we do? That’s just society. It’s difficult to change it……

…but it’s not impossible.

Think about that.


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