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Monday, 8 March 2010

Kung Fu Fighting

"And If I had one wish come true, I'd surf till the sun sets beyond the horizon "
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus (from the soundtrack of Walt Disney Pictures' Lilo & Stitch)

"The one thing I don't like about the SAM Student Council of 2010 is that they're all of one single race, not because that one race is Chinese, but it's just that it's too homogeneous."

"Aiyah. nothing one lah. You half-Chinese ma..."

Edward, if only you knew how racist some Chinese folks can be...

From a young age I have been discriminated. First for my skin colour, then my race, my religion and now my gender. I've suffered from racism, ageism, body-hairism, colourism, religious fanaticism and gender discrimination. Thank God they were not all at the same time.

So now, trying to reject any prejudice that comes to my mind is not as easy. Growing up was difficult, and now, erasing the bad traces of the past are difficult. It's like trying to clean a motor oil spill with nothing but a roll of tissue paper.

I found the key to my happiness a few months back. All it took was just looking at every good thing that comes out of a bad thing. If I just can't find that silver lining, I...

Bloody hell, what gives!!?
Chinese will take over in the next election, warns Perkasa
By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani
KUALA LUMPUR, March 8 — Malay nationalist group Perkasa warns that the Chinese community will use the next general election to take over the country. 
Perkasa feels that the last general election weakened the Malays and empowered the Chinese community.
Dr Zubir Harun, director of Perkasa’ economic bureau, who was at the Malay Consultative Council’s (MPM) round-table discussion, said during his presentation that a divided Malay community will empower the other races.
According to delegates at the discussion and documents received by The Malaysian Insider, Perkasa wants the New Economic Policy (NEP) to be the “spirit” of the New Economic Model (NEM).
“Perkasa believes that disunity among the Malays has weakened Umno, causing the non-Malays to be more vocal in their demands. They say that the Chinese are also blackmailing the government to give in to their demands by threatening to vote for Pakatan Rakyat,” said one of the delegates.
Zubir also said that Perkasa is worried that the New Economic Model will have a Chinese agenda.
“The Chinese people feel that the next general election is the best opportunity for them to gain power in this country.
“This is why Chinese NGOs, such as Ziong Dong and Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce, are using this chance to make demands of the government. If their demands are not met, then they will vote Pakatan Rakyat who are willing to give everything to the Chinese,” he elaborated in his presentation.
Zubir added that the Malays have “sacrificed” for the country by allowing “the immigrants” to live in Malaysia.
“It must be reminded that the Malay people have sacrificed tremendously since independence with a quid pro quo policy...  the Malay race have compromised by allowing foreigners into the country. The Malays endured hundreds of years of colonization and the result is the migration of foreigners into the country. We were forced to accept this policy,” he said.
Zubir also slammed non-Malays and liberal Malays for wanting to rewrite the country’s Constitution and social contract.
Perkasa believes that the NEP is still relevant because it will help the Malay community to counter a market which is dominated by the Chinese.
The Malaysian Insider reported today that the government has decided to incorporate the proposed New Economic Model (NEM) into the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) in June, as fine-tuning and tweaks will go beyond its initial end-March launch.
It was learnt the delay came after feedback from various quarters prompted the government to rework its ideas and proposals that will turn Malaysia into a high-income nation based on innovation and creativity.
Among those with reservations about the NEM are the MPM which yesterday demanded it be based on the 1970s-era New Economic Policy (NEP) and should comply with Article 153 of the Federal Constitution that protect Malay and Bumiputera’s special position.
(Taken from The Malaysian Insider)

I somehow hold on to my distorted belief that Malaysia has a little too many Chinese folks. Some of them are complete assoles, but no race is perfect. I'm still trying to accept that. I'm not meaning to discriminate the entire race, but in my life I've been living with Chinese people everywhere I turn. Every part of my life has a Chinese in it. Why? I'm half-Chinese myself.

So I guess I look like an idiot stabbing myself in the chest with all these statements. What you see is what I see.

No offence intended people. It's just the crude, pissed-off conservative Daniel Anthony of 2005 talking.

Ok, back to the topic.

...I get down on my knees and pray to God to give me hope and show me the good things that come out when shit happens. That's my key to happiness.

My second task was to un-learn how to hate. Hate is useless. It brings about no good but good riddance. It's sad, depressing and full of anger. That is why I don't join hate groups and all anti-whatever or whoever groups on Friendster and Facebook.

Well, Now I gotta get down and pray that God bring me the good that comes out of the current news...Gah. Homework is tapping my shoulder too. Gotta go.


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