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Thursday, 11 March 2010


"I heard you're lost. Do you know your way around?"
Chop Me Up - Justin Timberlake

It is true that one can learn something from everything that happens, good or bad.

For today I learnt that being optimistic CAN backfire very badly in the following situations.

FIRST. Do not confront hardcore problematic pessimists with optimism. It'll do more damage than good. They need help in other ways.

SECOND. Affirmation is NOT necessarily optimistic.

THIRD. Optimism often fails to work on the money-minded pessimist. Everything s/he thinks up boils right down to the money that's behind it

You can't blame money-minded pessimists. They work their bums off for the money that puts food on the tables for their families and they have a right to be like that. The working class is an ongoing everlasting shitstorm. The life is hard and the pay is moderate. The only way out is to find a job you love of end up being a...Yes. You've got it...Money-minded pessimist.

Ok. Fast forward. The exodus was hell on earth. My score?

3 A   3 B   3 C   1 D

I'm satisfied, but not happy. I'm not sad nor am I beaten up about it either. Why? First of all, I was anxious about getting kicked from Taylors. Second? I didn't live up to my forecast.

AND NEITHER did I live up to the results on the post about SPM 2009: Emotions Through The Papers. I didn't make mama proud.

Mum didn't take it that well. She was pissed at the fact that now a scholarship is way out of reach. At least I didn't waste my time looking around.

However, after a peek into the Twitterverse and Facebook, my little delicate happiness bubble grew dry and popped.

It looks like tomorrow there's going to be an idiot among geniuses in P1. I'm screwed. I've been sticking out like a sore thumb in almost all the classes I've been inside for my entire life. I won't be surprised if I'm the one with the lowest score around.

But one thing is for sure. The results served the purpose I intended them to. To get me safely and securely in Taylors. Now it's time to forget the past and move on. It's full steam ahead for SAM now. Bless my soul...

And from the bottom of my heart, Drive The Sensation wishes all SPM 2009 students


Even if you failed it all, even if you topped the nation, this congratulation is FOR YOU.

You did your best

      You believed in yourself

            You lived 17 years of your life

                  You aimed for the bulls-eye of your goal

                        You chose to take the path that led you further

                              You were brave enough and courageous to rise up to the occasion

                                    and finally,

                                       YOU MADE IT!


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