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Monday, 8 February 2010

Smoking My Inspiration

"You want to cash out and get the hell out of town. Don`t be a baby, remember what you told me. Shut up and put your money where your mouth is!"
Waking Up In Vegas - Katy Perry

I know I'm supposed to be hard at work now, instead of wasting my precious time blogging.

But I can't work, can't think and can't proceed with my work at all, so I really need to take it out here before I go to college tomorrow and start venting on others.

My patience runs very thin when I deal with old conservative nutjobs who have no respect for the younger generation and our changing nature. I got this English essay the other day about how technology pulls society apart. The day when the author of that piece of shit is stuck somewhere with no technology or means of communication I'll personally drive up to him/her and laugh in his/her face.

Seriously, old folks, GROW UP. My father is 70. He has an email address, Twitter, Multiply, and Yahoo Messenger. He even calls me for help to use my PayPal account (this may be one of the ONLY fathers who asks his SON to help with paying for stuffs on the internet. Yay for him!). Even though he doesn't know how to use it that well, he makes an effort to try. Some of you are barely 65 and already have given up on the modern world.

You people are gonna die someday and it'll be because of your ignorance and NOT natural causes. You just wait and see. You're killing yourselves.

On another note, I'm Daniel. I'm not Jesus. I'm not a monkey see, monkey do person. I want the 'why's and the 'what's of everything. When I learn, I learn from others, not by myself. Enough shit happens when I learn myself so I need help. We all need somebody to love and look up to right?

When i said WE, I meant us, the younger generation. You old folks still prefer to sit alone and you complain about us being in front of the computer all day long. We socialize on the internet, idiots. For more than half you paranoid folks, the streets of Malaysia = HELL. So let us socialize like this and SHUT UP if you have nothing nice to say.

Ok. I'm done. Back to...wait now i'm just starting on my homework.



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