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Tuesday, 23 February 2010


"You're the direction I follow to get home. When I feel like I can't go on, you tell me to go and it's like I can't feel a thing without you around"
6 Months - Hey Monday

Monday blues are BACK, and they're badder than ever.

Instead of ranting from morning till night, I'll do it the other way around this time.

I had lots of faith in Toys R' Us products. However, when I buy Everts balloons, the usual tendancy would be that HALF the pack would be useless, but what's the case when there's only ONE balloon in the pack?

I bought a 170cm Giant on Friday and tried blowing it up, but it couldn't inflate properly so I returned to the Subang Parade Toys R' Us today to return it. They refunded immediately so i went to pick out another one.

All the red ones were gone. the one I picked the last time was red and it was useless, so I picked a green one (they were all green). It looked pretty good until I just blew it up.

One moment, 3 feet wide balloon bouncing on my room floor. 10 seconds later, KABOOM!

You all know what I would have done. Yeah. COMPLAIN. That's me! Malaysian attitude!

So I got hold of the Toys R' Us email and gave them a long lecture on balloon quality and how the sale of such defective products can threaten the decoration and party industry.

Hmm...I wonder what kind of reply i'm gonna get.

Earlier today...hmm. COLLEGE BECKONS. Homeworkhomeworkhomework!!!!!!

There's so much of it and there's only one of me...I know I'm overreacting but that's me. I crack under pressure...

I'mma sleep off the stress.


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