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Friday, 5 February 2010

One Night Only

"All the time I wasted on you, all of the bullshit you put me through. I'm checking into rehab 'cause everything that we had didn't mean a thing to you."
Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls

Do read this post if you're going through a shitty day. It's something that'll make you feel better. TRUST ME.

It's been a really screwed up day for me...

That's what was going through my mind 3 hours ago at The Ministry of Sound, but not now.

I woke up in the morning and took a pretty quick bath. I came out rather wet and stepped into my room. I forgot that I had the aircond on full blast the night before and I stepped into a chilling room naked trying to get my clothes on.

It's been a really, really hot week. So I grabbed my bermudas and pink polo and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Rain had just started pouring outside as I made my way to college. So I took out my umbrella and worked it till it opened. To college I went and made it late by a few minutes.

Ms. Wu was later though. And at that moment it hit me...I FORGOT TO BRING MY LEGAL STUDIES NOTES!!

I spent almost RM7 printing the whole batch of papers and guess what? The almighty genius Daniel Jeyachristi Jude-Valentine Anthony had to leave it all at home.

So Legal class began, and I honestly confessed to Mr. David telling him that I didn't bring the notes. He's a really forgiving teacher, and I thank God for that.

I love silver linings in clouds. Don't you? A silver lining always GMH (Gives Me Hope).

College ended on time and I headed to Sunway Pyramid with Mika Weixian, Ping Ping and Janice. We booked ourselves a room for 6 at RedBox Karaoke and sang our lungs out till 5pm. Time really flew, but it was a really good time we had.

After we finished I headed to Euphoria to collect my passes for the Rev-Up Facebook party happening tonight. Only the first 600 people who get there will be able to enter, and there I was. First of many.

Now remember that I was in my bermudas? I'm a swakoo in the clubbing scene, so I really don't know about the club dress code.

It wasn't until I was waiting in the lounge when huge bouncer came up to me and told me that I need to be in longs or slacks to enter and I was like...DAMN!

Daddyyyy, can you like...send over a pair of slacks for me?

Oh hell no.

So what did I do? I decided to head home...but not just yet. How could I leave a party without a balloon? I love balloons, and the atmosphere set by the hundreds of helium balloons there was unmistakable.

I walked back to the Pyramid and tried to find an ATM to reload my phone and alas, I ran into the person behind all the little advertisements on this blog. Yes. I ran into Josh Lim. The boss of Advertlets.

Only trouble is, he was on the phone and I was heading home. He invited me over for dinner but I was already headed for home. Just moments later I found the Maybank ATM and reloaded my phone.

I sms-ed Joyce and Nettey about what happened, and just then I swear I heard God say to me these few lines that made all the difference in the night.

"DANIEL JEYACHRISTI JUDE-VALENTINE ANTHONY, you told the world that you wanted to enjoy your youth and would not give up even a second of it. Are you really sure you wanna enter the world of adulthood and clubbing and all? Why not enjoy your youth while it lasts?"

Damn right that changed my night!

It made me smile even though other crappy stuff happened like the traffic jam on the way home, the stares that I got from a couple of Malay dudes who thought tying my balloon to my phone was funny and the fact that I went out looking for the V for Vendetta DVD but didn't find it. All in all, I found so many silver linings in all the shit that happened today, and everytime something lucky or unlucky happened to me today, it just made my smile grow bigger.

It seemed to me that I found happiness for once in my life, through all the pain of a rough and so-called terrible day, I learned that I could smile through the end of it. Sad stories can have really sweet endings.


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