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Saturday, 13 February 2010


"Why dontcha you put it on the blog, rockin' like this my job. We can't help that we popular and all these folks want to flock to us, Come to a show and just rock with us, a million plus with binoculars"
I'mma Be - Black Eyed Peas

Once again, time is moving at her own pace and dragging me along with her. My clock says it's...


Oops, it was upside down. It was 03:11 when I read that.

Now it's OFFICIALLY 3:21 PM. I took a soak in my parents bathtub at 2 thinking it was 3, and I almost got dressed thinking it was 5. I really need to cool down and perhaps take a nap. There's no point going out  today because of the exodus heading out of Kuala Lumpur. Them Chinese folks are heading home and SS2's gonna be a ghost town for awhile.

When the time is right I can even lie down on SS2/75 without a worry. The only trouble is when it's late at night and the orientation of the road becomes null and void. I almost got run over by what looked like a Lamborghini Gallardo travelling obviously above 150 km/h in the wrong direction 2 years ago. I was standing in the middle of the damn road (on the divider) and was just about to cross when the deafening roar of that maniac's exhaust pipe brought me to my senses.

It's Chinese new Year folks. The sky is gonna light up tonight as fireworks welcome the tiger.

Tomorrow at this time I'll be on the plane to Miri, Sarawak for my holiday. Sorry I can't bring you a travelogue. I'll be in Mulu for a day and, Miri for another 2 days, and back to Mulu for the last day and then it's back to college the very next day.

Therefore, I need sleep. Now


P.S. I Almost forgot!

Pssstt! It's a wallpaper! Feel free to download! :)


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thenomadGourmand said...

Gong Xi gong Xi! out of KL & the mad college life!

Chill & i'll be i ntouch nx week! ;p

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