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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Free Hugs

"I remember putting down the backseat and lying in the hatchback. Looking at the sky watching trees go by. I was the son of a preacher and he was a rich poor man."
Chevette (Remix) - Audio Adrenaline

Tomorrow Today is P1's first Parliamentary debate...and I'll have to become Kevin Rudd for about an hour when that happens. I'mma become the prime minister of Australia for an hour :).

My blog was full of really sad and depressing vents in the past few days so I've come to brighten it up, but still there's one thing that I've been dying to blog about.

(Courtesy of Angry Little Girls Inc.)

Juan Mann's contribution to the world began with one thing - a hug. A simple hug he gave to a woman at a subway station who just lost her puppy and lost her daughter a year ago on the same day.

He was depressed as hell. Juan was an Australian guy who went to London to work. When he was there, however, things turned sour. His life turned upside down. He was forced to come back home with nothing bur a luggage case filled with clothes. Juan Mann became a tourist in his own country.

So he found some cardboard and made a sign saying "FREE HUGS". For 15 minutes people just rudely stared and ignored, until that woman showed up. It started a revolution of hope in Australia. As it spread through the country, it was banned by the police but was lifted soon later. How can you ban love and hope?

"Free Hugs" was made to tell the world that if they can reach out to one person and make them smile fore even one moment, why not? Give them a hug and make them feel loved.

Unfortunately, in the Socio-Democratic League of Petaling Jaya, the people have other thoughts.

When we wanted to plan a psychology experiment, I suggested we march into the food court bearing these signs. Nobody took it up. However, some girls were worse. They only wanted to hug cute and good-looking guys and not nerds and whatnots.

The sign says "FREE HUGS", and not "FREE HUGS (FOR HOT GUYS/GIRLS ONLY)". People who don't look or behave "normally" and are discriminated need a free hug more than the hottie who just broke up with his/her 27th girl/boyfriend. Yes, both of them are depressed, but look who's more important.

Hot stuffs can get free hugs from anyone who comes their way, but a Free Hugs campaign is to give hugs to everyone ESPECIALLY those who need it most. To some, a hug is worth more than a million dollars. To me, a hug is more magical than any spell a fairy can cast.

So if you ever decide to bear the "FREE HUGS" sign, think hard first. Are you willing to give anyone a hug? In the event you display the sign and refuse to give a particular person that hug you promised, it'll be an even harder blow to him/her. Free Hugs have no strings attached, no terms and conditions to abide to and no cost whatsoever. Hope is meant to be spread to everyone, and not just who you fancy.

I'm not scolding or criticizing  you for what you girls said, but this is the reality of free hugs. They're really meant to be free. Wanna know more? Go try


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Mark C. said...

Guess what man, I had the same idea too! I haven't got around using my sign yet though; i made it before A Levels orientation but forgot to use it, dang. Gotta find a day for it!

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