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Monday, 1 February 2010

Faith and Gasoline

"Mister, cut me some slack cause' I don't wanna go back."
Neon Tiger - The Killers

My last post left me pretty touched at the awesome-ness of my college class, so much that I'm pretty speechless here. Now I'm bundled up in my snuggie updating my blog before hitting the sack.

I was doing the dishes a few hours ago and watered-down dishwashing paste trickled into a little cut on my thumb. Ouch...Typing's abit slow, sms-ing is tough and MSN-ing is full of typos :(. I still wanna blog though. I love my blog. :)

It had been a while since I scratched decks, so I booted my lappie into Windows, which was SUPER laggy and fired up the turntables. I never felt better though I kept screwing up and forgetting the mixcues. I've really gone rusty. My sampleboard is super lame and the songs are so outdated. Any new club hits worth mixing?

Our billboard grows by the day. It's like a chest of memories of good times spent together. Although very financially inclined, I like the idea. (Thanks Janice!)

So there goes January. Another crazy month. Events of both extremes happened and some of them were really nasty (like the 95U$D scam!) and other stuffs, but it's evened out by things money can't buy. Love, hope and fun. Everything I could ever wish for and more...all in my hands, in P1.

I guess I'll hit the bed now. I can't seem to keep my eyelids from failing me anymore. Besides, a snuggie only covers one side of you. The other side needs to be on the bed for it to work, and that side of me is freezing!!!


P.S. What's a snuggie? - I know you want one :)

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