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Monday, 18 January 2010

Strumming My Fate

"Everyone needs compassion, a love that's never failing."
Mighty To Save - Hillsong United

Ah it's Monday. Damn...

I thought it was going to be a whole new start, and it was. College life is totally different.

Since I was a kid I always hated the element of surprise. It's fun when used in performances, stories and stuff like that, but in general I don't quite like it. A twist in events is great, but a surprise? Sometimes not.

So today class P1 was given notice that we were "overcrowded", and that we had to shift 10 people out of our class into a new class opening soon. Even though we've been together for what? 4 days! We have a friendship between us that is still so tender!

It's not that I'm criticizing or damning anyone here. I know that it is for our own good that we'll get a smaller and more focused class tomorrow.

Plus, I don't wanna sit at the ego-avanti-ultima table at the back of the class. Thought it looks fun and all and that I may belong there, I don't feel the least welcome or at home. I am someone who has anything but an ego. I have really got nothing to hide. Ask me anything.

And guys, as in the guys sitting at the table I was at, don't talk cock about being open-minded. Open-mindedness is something that the world is lacking especially in Asia. Not to be racist and all, but it's a painful struggle putting up with it.

It not that I hate you all, in fact, I love my class very much. I know it's only been 3 days, but let's keep that friendly upbeat jovial spirit going on. It's something we can carry throughout the year and beyond.

I didn't wanna change because I found acceptance in my class. People didn't call me names and all (well, those who did, you know who you are) and even though I may not know if you're talking behind my back, I still love you all. College isn't a bed of roses, but you guys will certainly be the ones who will try the best to make it one :).

And for those of you who are changing, take it from me that we will all miss you. Honestly! So everytime you feel lonely in P6, just think of the first week we spent together. It was awesome wasn't it? :)

I gotta go. I got a legal studies presentation to start on.


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