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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Jailhouse Rock

"It looks like someone kicked her in the face with their boots. They say she once killed a man."
Butterface - CollegeHumor

Well, it's approaching the 11th hour...of the 12th of January. The last official hour of my post-SPM holiday. That means only one thing.


Damn I can't believe time as flown by so fast! My birthday was like...last week and BOOM! It's College time. Oh ok well, now thing have changed. Dates are slow, hours are fast. I think (and hope!) that college makes both seem really slow so I can enjoy my life before I enter the fast lane and eventually, the real world...

And for now, I have no college books and a very entry-level laptop with virtually no battery (there's a physical one that lasts what...3 and a half minutes?). Not that I'm complaining, I'm thankful that I have this IBM X41 UMPC-MID-Netbook-Laptop mash up lol.

It's another challenge for me. I'm no rich idiot or someone who bathes in cash, but rather someone who tries to do what he can with what he got....I didn't say no complaining involved though. I'm Malaysian. That's my job!


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