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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I Will Testify

"Well, they say that it's a shame if you have nothing to believe, and if you can't hold on to something you might as well die where you sleep. You don't need a prayer and there's no price to ask why."
Answer In The Sky - Elton John

Elton John and Bernie Taupin have a way with words. Everytime I'm caught in the distress of so-called romance problems I listen to some enlightening songs that help us keep to our faiths and beliefs, and their songs have plenty of meaning.

You can kinda see it no? Okay fine. It's always been the case that when I'm in love with someone, someone else is ALWAYS after her too. It's heartbreaking and all because after I've tried so hard and done so much to win her heart, the one with the cute laugh and insolent, moderately stubborn and egoistic playful behavior gets the girl. Sad huh?

Some even say it's the looks. Whatever happened to "It's what's inside that counts."!?

So now I'm back in my safe haven, my room. The place where I can take anything I want out on my computer and my blog. Not forgetting the oh-so-forgiving balloons I used to blow up, bounce around and hug, the knocked up Yamaha junk guitar I have to accompany my depressed and grave voice singing Utopia 25 and the total privacy I enjoy.

I believe in everlasting friendships, so I've made a stand, and decided that a true friend is way, way better than an unwilling lover. So I'mma blow that last chance I've got this February 14th. Yes. I'm blowing it now. I'm spending it single. If it's with someone, it's to celebrate a friendship that'll last forever, and the golden friendship that's nothing short of awesome.

The question is, will you be my friend forever too?


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