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Monday, 25 January 2010

How Deep Is Your Love

"I open my eyes, I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light."
Untitled - Simple Plan

It's the umpteenth time I have been bitten by the bloody lovebug in my life, and thought it may seem to be all cute and sweet when you're in love, it isn't the same for a person like me who looks like the back of a bus.

I had many personal beliefs that I'm too young to be in love, but somehow I feel like that because I have to finally accept the painful fact that I'm growing up, I'll have to come to the maturity level to be able to love someone else as they would love me.

My feelings are pretty much going wild. If you paid attention to the last post, you'll see something that Drive The Sensation did for the first time.

Yes, that's right. The typo error in the title.

I was THAT frustrated at my so-called friends. Some people whom I trusted before so much turned out to be the ones who hurt me inside.

Hate is something I never do. Hatred brings about nothing positive or good, and reversing hatred is nearly impossible. Everytime I get pissed off and all, I ask myself: Why hate him/her? It's pointless. Why bring about more negativity to an already negative situation? Try to repair it, and if you fail, then it's not worth your time unless you really feel the worth.

Remember her? Ok, maybe not. Old picture. (notice the heart shape, because I won't tell you where it is.)

It's that delicate. How do I know? When love isn't true, the picture above would look different. There won't be a weight there to hold you down. You wanna just fly away and look high and low for someone whose life you can brighten up for just that one moment, and the next moment when they need you, you've floated off somewhere and found someone else.

You're that balloon who's kept from flying free because you want to be there for someone to make them smile and laugh and share everything with. That's true love. The concept of the balloon isn't all that accurate, but it still shows alot. Balloons can pop, love doesn't if it's true enough :).

I'm still infected with all the lovebug I need to write a song for someone on my heart so that it all comes out nicely packaged and sealed with a kiss.

Bye. Gotta write a song now.


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