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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part Twelve- Republic Voices

"Oh! Precious is the flow that makes me white as snow!"
Nothing But The Blood - Hillsong United

Of recent the violent activity has come to a slow and is currently not expected to rise again. We believe that the worst is over and that whatever message that was intended to be conveyed has been deployed and received.

Welcome back to Drive The Sensation: Fuego De Dios. The blog bringing you step-time coverage of events unfolding from the bombings of 6 churches in Malaysia on the morning of the 8th of January 2010.

Currently on Twitter, there are people tweeting angrily about rumormongering and unconfirmed news articles. We would like to apologize for certain inaccuracies and rumors that may be circulating from this blog. However, if you find anything that may seem wrong or incorrect please do not hesitate to contact me via 0172914344 for the correction. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Just minutes ago I received an sms by someone who would like to be identified as Chris. According to him, the church in Kampung Subang Melayu was the Seventh Day Adventist Church. News reports confirm a bombing but had no confirmation of the name nor the denomination of the church. Thank you, Chris for this report. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow is Sunday, the Christian day of worship. Churches are likely to be flooded with people and worshipers in the wake of the arson attacks. If you are planning on going to church tomorrow, please be cautious of your surroundings. Report suspicious behavior and articles lying around the church compound to any policemen of officials nearby. Also avoid staying in church for extended hours for safety purposes. The nation is still on alert as there have been a total of 6 attacks on churches of various denominations in the past 48 hours.

The denominations hit so far consists of an Assembly Of God (Metro Tabernacle), a Roman Catholic (Assumption), a Brethren Evangelical (The Life Chapel), a Lutheran (Good Shepherd Church) and an Adventist (Seventh Day). Drive The Sensation is awaiting verification of the denomination of the Agape Revival Church, Ampang. It is currently assumed as a Roman Catholic church.

Just because your church may not follow the denominations above doesn't mean you can't be a likely target. It's better safe than sorry. It's always better to prevent a fight than to win one.


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