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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part Thirteen- Empirical Revenge

"The future of the past, that last that feel The seventh seal broken in half, ceremony is real. Become obsolete, highstrung from a beat, a strong minded individual delivering defeat "
Artillery - Infected Mushroom (From the recompilation soundtrack of You Don't Mess With The Zohan)

Drive The Sensation would like to once again apologize for the late update of information and news on the church bombings in Malaysia.

We have received reports that yet another church has been hit. The All Saints' Church in Taiping was attacked last night, bringing the total churches attacked to 9. This is yet another event of Divine Intervention as the molotovs hurled at the building exploded but did only minor damage to the church staircase.

Reports have also come from Christian worshipers who attended Sunday services and Masses that there are barely any police patrolling the churches that they were in. The announcement of the deployment of more policemen to places of worship by officials have once again been proven to be hypocritical.

Also in Taiping, a Convent school was attacked. The SMK Convent located along Jalan Convent also had molotov cocktails flung into it. Although they failed to explode, it damaged the guard house of the compound. The compound also houses the St Louis Church, which reporters believe could be the actual target of the attack.

Due to the tension induced by these events have led up to a possible retaliation by another party. Yesterday evening, a brick was thrown at the Taman Menara Maju surau, a small prayer venue for Muslims. The brick shattered the sliding door that was used to access the surau. There were liquid stains on the glass door as well that were believed to be urine stains. The nature of the liquid is still yet to be confirmed.

However, officials also believe that the attack may not have been carried out by outsiders as the glass door shattered was very similar to the ones used in the rest of the building.

For now all we can do is thank God that for his intervention during the last 2 attacks.


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