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Friday, 8 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part Six- The Not-So-Secret Weapon

"You always had some trouble with authority, and that's the way that growing up going supposed to be. But you can make it through. You gotta believe."
Secret Weapon - Mxpx

Situation outside the Shah Alam Mosque after Friday prayers
(Photo from Malaysian Insider)

The Government wants to control the situation...okay big guy. Let's see what you've got?


Malaysiakini has been supposedly blocked. It may have been caused by excessive traffic, but the last time that happened was during election week 2008 when the whole of Malaysia wanted news, so I don't think the situation is comparable.

Second, watch your tongues folks!

Attacks on churches: Govt may use ISA

KUALA LUMPUR: Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said the Government would not hesitate to use any means necessary, including the Internal Security Act, on anyone who threatens the security of the country.
He also ensured the safety of everyone in Malaysia, including the minorities.
Hishammuddin also said that the Inspector-General of Police has confirmed that three churches have been attacked.
“We have also received a report that a church has been threatened. The police will monitor all churches in the country,” he said.

 (Article from TheStar Online) 

Third, we can all expect a really awesome investigation no?

 (Picture from TheStar Online) 

This was taken outside Metro Tabernacle earlier today. It was a scene of police officers collecting evidence for investigation and probing, but LOOK! They're doing it with their BARE HANDS!!

If you watch CSI or any other crime show, you'll see that even the largest chunk of evidence they can find is never handled with bare hands. It's unprofessional and not productive! What about the fingerprints and other residue present on the debris and evidence? You "officers" are smudging what could be the key to a peaceful resolution to this matter.

This case has escalated further to reach TIME World News with a complete article. Click here for the full story.

Finally, lets all hope this will happen properly and smoothly:



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