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Friday, 8 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part Seven- Seeking Asylum

"My comfort, my shelter, tower of refuge and strength. Let every breath, all that i am never cease to worship You!"
Shout To The Lord - Darlene Zsehech

Multiple news reports have surfaced on the 8 o'clock news regarding the torching of the 4 churches. AlJazeera reports from the scene of Metro Tabernacle with interviews with members of the church saying that this is an inhumane act. His colleagues worked in the head office of the church and are virtually jobless now that these troubles showed up at his door. May God be with them through this time of terror and pain.

The members of Metro Tabernacle were frantically trying to salvage computer parts and documents from the remains of the first story of the church building. After the area was cleared as safe, the State Minister Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim visited the scene and appealed for calm.

(Picture from Malaysian Insider)

BBC had the report showing the other side of the story.

An interview with a protester in the Shah Alam mosque told BBC that the word "Allah" is "strictly for Muslims and not for other races" and that "we have been living in harmony for so many years, why disrupt it?" Their report covered the damage to the Metro Tabernacle church.

However, until now the bombing of the fourth church is still slightly unconfirmed due to certain factors. The first being that the name of the church not being revealed. The church was located in Kampung Melayu Subang, which is not a very detailed location of the building.

The police are still denying that cars have been smashed because they bore Christian articles and rosaries. This is still vague and unconfirmed, but an eyewitness report (see below) is sufficient to put us on high alert and guard should another event of such sort happen to us. That is why you are still encouraged to remove Christian articles from display in your vehicle.

Drive The Sensation still encourages all readers to be on high alert and to avoid religious gatherings for the sake of peace. As mentioned before, we are not discouraging prayer as a whole, but we are discouraging Public prayer and worship.


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