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Friday, 8 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part One- Church On Fire

"See through the lies and their ever staring eyes. Now is the time to defend your ground. Destiny will call to remind us all now."
Flame Of Youth - DragonForce

(Picture from MalaysiaKini)

Just past the strike of midnight the violent noises of broken glass crashed in Kuala Lumpur as angry Muslim youths poured flammables into the main office of the church building of Metro Tabernacle (AoG) and set it ablaze.

(Picture from MalaysiaToday)

Hours later, the office of the Assumption church (Catholic) was nearly rattled with a home-made kerosine explosive that failed to explode after being lobbed inside. The mob (consisting of Muslim youths as reported by eyewitnesses) didn't stop there and set fire to the office.

(Picture by Fahmi Fadzil)

What looked more like vandalism on the building of Life Chapel (Brethren Evangelical) was also actually a fire. A molotov cocktail was flung into the church and it burned and damaged the building badly.

We ask ourselves what we did to deserve this. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The spark that apparently set off the issue was the court decision on allowing of the use of the word "Allah" by other faiths other than Islam in Malaysia. The court ruled out the above issue last year for a while before claiming that it is incorrect to do so.

The word "Allah" is a noun. No, it is NOT a proper noun. It translates directly into GOD, not Jesus or even 1 of the 99 names of Allah (for Muslims). It is a term. It is capitalized only to give respect and honor to God as our awesome and mighty creator, not because it's his name.

At a current update, Muslims that gathered at Masjid Negara for a closed demonstration are chanting "There is no God but Allah" in the Mosque draped with slogans condemning the use of the term by other faiths. It is true that we should only take the Lord our God as our sole idol in life, but at the same time, we must also accept other faiths. We are not being forced or even asked to worship other faiths, but just peacefully accept it. The world is God's creation. We should share it, not fight over it.


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