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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part Fourteen- The Black Parade

"Heaven is for everyone if you believe that heaven is for everyone."
I Believe - Dr. Alban

Sorry about the delay. I was doing groceries earlier when I received news via sms that a church in Malacca was splashed with black paint.

It has been confirmed by TheStar Online (article below). The church was the Malacca Baptist Church in Durian Daun.

Two arson bids in Taiping, black paint hurled at Malacca church (Update 2)


TAIPING: Two cases of attempted arson were reported here involving a church and a school. And black paint was splashed on the outer wall of a Malacca church.
The locations affected on Sunday were the All Saints' Church at Jalan Taming Sari and SMK Convent along Jalan Convent. In Malacca, it was the Malacca Baptist Church in Durian Daun.

(Snippet from TheStar Online)

This just in from our SMS correspondant Chris, a church in Miri has been the latest target of arsonists. We are unable to gain access to the report but we will keep you posted. So far we have heard that Bernama has given confirmation but the article is yet to be found.

Also just in from Chris: Apparently two Malay men walked past the building of St. Thomas Moore (Still under construction) and asked the guard "Belum bakar lagi?" which translates into "Haven't burnt yet?"

Meanwhile, Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has made a statement that 121 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) criticized the arson attacks and have issued statements stating their criticisms and notions towards the burning.

As a piece of advice, do not give in to provocation of any kind on both sides. A calm front is what we need to settle this situation once and for all.


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