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Friday, 8 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part Five- Riot Warning

"When flying, wear comfortable clothing and shoes in case you need to quickly evacuate. Try to fly on wide-body planes; terrorists often avoid hijacking them."
How To Reduce The Chances Of Being A Terror Victim - XX Teens


Selangor, although not declared officially, is in a mild state of emergency. This is not a joke! The security of the public is threatened. Destruction to property has been done and is still going on. So far there have been no casualties, but let us cooperate to avoid anyone getting injured, hurt or killed.

Eyewitness reports say that attacks in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Kampung Subang and Bangsar are targeting vehicles with Christian articles. You are strongly advised to remove Christian car stickers, sucker signs, bumper stickers, rosaries and anything with a Christian symbol such as the Ichthus, Crucifix or the Cross from your vehicle for safety purposes.

From Drive The Sensation, we, on our own accord, would like to issue a riot warning. Do not attend any religious demonstrations or public prayer or worship sessions for the next few days especially tonight to avoid injuries and casualties. Do not stay in any place of worship, especially churches after 8pm. When approaching or entering a church compound, exercise extreme caution. Avoid wearing Christian clothing or accessories that may publicly show your identity as a Christian.

No we are not telling you to cease worship services and all, but this is a protective measure to avoid anyone from getting hurt or killed in the event of a riot. We advise you to stay calm and not violently fight back even when provoked. Look upon God and ask that He may give you the strength to withstand this monstrosity. Please, with all due respect, do not organize public prayer meetings or any gatherings. if you have to go out then please conceal or take off all Christian accessories.

THIS JUST IN: Police have confirmed that another 2 churches have received phone threats. If you are in church now, my best advice is that you say a prayer and leave ASAP.

Also, do not visit on ANY computer. The website has been hacked and has been laced with MALWARE that is designed to cause havoc in your computer system.


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