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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part Fifteen- East Meets West

"Somebody broke in and cleaned out your crib. Tell me what you gonna go?"
Act A Fool - Ludacris

The first church to be attacked in East Malaysia has been confirmed. The situation has officially reached nationwide status. A priest in Taiping also had his car splashed with red paint in the attacks.

Miri church attack makes it seven

Police have cordoned off Taiping’s historic All Saints’ Church, target of an unsuccessful arson attack.

RAWANG, Jan 10 – A church in Miri has reported an arson attempt today, making it the seventh attack in three days that is linked to the “Allah” ruling which has provoked Muslim anger.
This is the first reported attack in East Malaysia where a large part of the population are Christians who worship in Bahasa Malaysia and also the ruling Barisan Nasional’s “fixed deposit” of votes and parliamentary seats in Election 2008.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein confirmed the attempt but insisted the situation in the country is under control.
“The situation is under control and the people should not be worried. They should not be influenced by internet reports or text messages,” he told reporters at an Umno event here.
Four churches in the Klang Valley were hit by petrol bombs on Friday while one was hit last night in Taiping. A Malacca church reported it was splashed with black paint while a priest in Penang had his car splashed with red paint

(Article and Picture from Malaysian Insider)

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