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Monday, 11 January 2010

Fuego De Dios -Part Eighteen- No Air

"He's cooking up that pot, but not sharing the recipe."
Let's Move - The Perceptionists

A 24 hour period without church attacks here in Malaysia still has not been acquired. Just in this morning on Twitter politician Lim Kit Siang reported that he received an SMS message from Anthony Loke, Democratic Action Party Member of Parliament from Rasah stating that SIB Church Seremban had it's door damaged.


This brings the total number of churched affected in this 4-day span to a whopping 13. We are yet to confirm whether there were any more churches attacked last night or in the wee hours of this morning. Also, is there anyone who can identify if the SIB Church in Seremban has any relationship to the SIB church in Petaling Jaya? Please SMS 0172914344 if you have information.

Also from Facebook via Twitter, Michael Voon has reported that there are PAS Youth members along with some NGOs in red vests guarding St. Mary's Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur.
Michael Voon

Michael Voon St. Mary's Cathedral, Dataran Merdeka. Several PAS Youth members and NGO dressed in red security vests guarding. Salam.

19 minutes ago via Twitter ·  · 

There finally is a good start to the turnover of this event. More to come.


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