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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Take Your Broke Ass Home

"These fights never end easy. I taste sweat and you're nervous, I know. I've seen what faces look like when they're staring you in the eye"
The Heist - Driver Side Impact


I can't believe this shit I am in.

I turned 18 nothing short of 3 weeks ago, and because I felt that it's not worth it sulking and thinking of becoming young again because it won't happen physically, but it's already happening at heart.

So I decided to take on a positive point of view and take advantage of all the benefits that one gets upon turning 18. On my birthday I applied for my Maybankard Treatspoints Visa and entered a whole new world of online shopping.

I made a few successful orders. A new phone charger, a torchlight, a snuggie and computer mouse. It was going really fine until I saw a window of opportunity to start raising funds for the StarWerk dream.

I got into contact with an iPhone wholesaler in China to try to build a business relationship with him so that I could set up a shop, collect profits and channel it to my dream fund.

What happened? I ordered a sample product to test the authenticity of the suppliers products. At that time I was more concerned about the rising quantities of China-imitation iPhones and other devices. I never saw the worst coming.

You guessed it. I got scammed. 95 U$D. Right out of my account.

Now look at me. My dream was broken by Chinese Corruption and my bank account was drained because of my stupidity. I should never have performed the bloody transaction in the first place.

For all of you out there who may have just started shopping in the Library of Infinite Knowledge, here are a few tips.

  1. If you are using a credit/debit card, make sure it's VISA or MASTERCARD. Diners Club and Amex are losing out, but if you really want them go ahead.
  2. Make sure the site in which your transaction takes place has https:// instead of http://
  3. Insist on using PayPal or AliPay. Get an account.
  6. Only use MoneyGram if you're really sure about what you're doing
  7. Get a Verified by Visa password or a MasterCard SecureCode
  8. Make sure your card cancellation details are with you at all times
  9. Prepare for shit to happen. It does. Look at me.

Entrepreneurship is not my cup of tea from the looks of it.

I'm going to bed now. Gotta sleep off the money loss.


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