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Friday, 22 January 2010

Colours Of The Wind

"I'm gonna stop in the middle, hang my feet off the edge. I got no reason to worry, I know I'll find the end."
Rainbow - Colbie Calliat

I stared blankly and blindly at my journal entry for the day. Although I believe that a journal is a good thing to keep, I strongly oppose the handwriting factor. Why handwrite? We have the internet and phones and whatnots that can read it!

Today was a Thursday like no other. It started off slowly and draggy as I got out of bed and took a very weird and quick bath. I recall grabbing my heart-shaped soap bar (I bathe with the lights off and my eyes closed) and wondering what to do with it for the next few minutes before applying the soap. The constant knocking and banging on my bathroom door demanding my presence at the breakfast table.

So College was fun. It didn't start well partially because of my bad sleeping habits but it got more and more exciting as the day progressed. Though I yawned time and time again and was lying on my table, it was still an energetic and joy-pumped day.

After college I met up with the Sri Nobel gang. We had dinner at Gasoline, some odd pirate-ship-inspired Japanese style restaurant where you sit on the floor. You may already know that I have a problem with crossing my legs for excessive periods of time, but I bore with it.

We had dinner, played a game of bowling, shot pool (or was it snooker?) and finally had a round of archery with Scotty and Kelvin. I got an 2 outer rings and a bull's eye. Yayy! :)

Night fell and I'm back home now still cracking my head on my journal entry. Well, at least I got almost half of it written already, the rest is just filling in the blanks of what happened.

When I was in Form 5, I managed to make a cheap imitation of this:

(Photo from
It looked somewhat like this:

And now that I'm in College, I wanna learn how to make one of these:

(Picture from the Balloon Buzz Party Centre Facebook page)

That's a balloon pressie up there, and it is oh-so-pretty isn't it? I'm not talking about the helium-filled Qualatex Birthday Bubble on top, but the gift-box balloon cluster it's tied to. That's my mission the next time I go out and buy balloons lol.

And now that I've managed to rip enough content off my blog to put in my journal, It's time for lazy ol' me to hit the sack.


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