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Monday, 4 January 2010

Bar Rests

"Get down, get down. Shake it around."
Jungle Boogie - Kool & The Gang

I am really sorry I've not been updating since the year kicked off. I've been busy with all sorts of stuff and nonsense. It's a really hectic start to 2010, but it's an awesome one nonetheless.

So far my mind is totally blank about what to do, and if you've been on Facebook, you'll see that my 18th is coming really fast. I have no idea what to do to celebrate :(.

What have I gotta do in 2010? I see it as a year to make all the dreams of 2009 come true, or at least start to. It's a very different year. I can feel it. The vibes, the luck, the age. Everything is gonna be different.

And the climax of that difference is...COLLEGE. Yes. I'm starting college on the luckiest day of this month, 13. I am really excited but damn nervous.

Nervous about what you ask? About my schedule. It's the tipping point for EVERYTHING I wanna do this year. It determines my dreams coming true, and whether it's possible. Where there's a will, there's a way. I'm not gonna stop looking for it. Some dreams are dreamed because they're meant to come true.

Plus, school started today. I feel really left out. Well, what the heck right? I miss the slow footsteps we take up the noisy stairway up to class. I remember shouting "What's the rush??" to my classmates who chased each other up the stairs. And as I enter the classroom, throw my bag on the floor and fire up the air-conditioning, I take a look out of the window (when it was unlocked I actually opened it) for a breath of fresh air and to tell the neighborhood how happy I was.

I remember getting scolded for that once. It was a little silly, but it had fun memories nonetheless :).

Of course, I can't forget the CHOIR!! I can't believe that I may not have the chance to see you people again!! I miss you all very much. Know that. I love you people. You made me smile all the way through the days that I conducted you all and even beyond that. Even in the SPM hall.

Well, in general, I miss school. No shit? Nope. I'm not joking. I really, really miss school, and it's not any school out there, but SEKOLAH SRI NOBEL.


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