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Sunday, 31 May 2009

There Isn’t An Ocean Too Deep

“Then I set a fire just to see the flame”
See The Light - Green Day

30052009 That’s a school which students LOVE very much.

(btw, that’s not my handwriting!!)

SMK Seafield…a school of GLORY.

Such government schools rely on the generosity of donations and funfairs, ticket sales, concerts to get by their facilities, and Seafield is a perfect representative of such a school. Home to the Vulcanz All-Boys and All-Girls cheerleading teams and the harmonious and skilled Seafield A and Seafield B choirs, this school was the venue for the 1st Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod(formerly known as the Young Singers’ Choral Festival or ChoralFest for short), and I would like to say a really, really big thank you to the school for hosting us.

I was in one of their rooms for a session today, and look what I saw.


They’ve participated in virtually every competition a school would be eligible to participate in, and my wonderful SRI NOBALLS, a freaking PRIVATE SCHOOL which charges RM15,000.00 PER YEAR for some things we DON’T EVEN USE could have stood a chance at just a bronze diploma in the MCE Liason if they let me lead and form a choir…

but NO! I’m in form 5, i can’t lead a choir, neither can I join both the English and Bahasa Melayu public speaking and essay writing competitions. It just reflects a STUPID management. When we bring “shame” upon the school, they complain, we want to bring a little “pride” and they also complain. What are we to do with our broken dreams? Where the heck is our future headed in?

My school complains of a lack of **AHEM**money. So why not let your budding students and your determined and willing little Daniel Anthony bring in a little more money for you to put up your nose? You say it’s difficult to organize a school, well, I’ll be at your closing ceremony 2 years from now then.

Ok, no more badmouthing ok? Idiots will be idiots. Nothing much more you can do about it. I wish you all luck when the complaining about the abuse of school fees stops coming out of my mouth and out of parents mouths. A government school student can produce a CV a MILE longer than any of us “Nobellians”. We’ll see who gets into University then hmm?

It’s Sunday, and I'm just back from managing a really FABULOUS choir from Sibu that participated in the 1st Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod Choir Competition.

Everyone, this is the Sarawak State Champion Choir, SMB Methodist Sibu


They’re really a great bunch of people to hang out with. Before the competition, they were a serious bunch of folks that no one would mess with, but after the competition, they were as if they were on holiday, talking around, singing, mingling, playing games (and pulling me into them!) and of course, bonding with each other. Although they came out 3rd in the Liason, they accepted it really humbly and then headed off to Mid-Valley for the time of their lives. They may not be hardcore and kiasu, but they’re a choir that we all could learn quite a bit from, because I have learnt so so much from them, and i had a really great 2 days managing them. They even have the gift of a member who is able to reach the high high C, C5 (2 Cs above middle C). They complained about certain things, yes, but once they know the problem is in God’s hands, they’re ok. They had an amazing repertoire of 3 songs, Tanah Pusaka, Medley from The Phantom of the Opera and Beautiful Sunday. Their rendition ofTanah Pusaka was arranged by one of their ex members. It was so good that it sounded like a commissioned piece. Better yet, they PRAY before the competition asking the Lord for guidance, strength and fearlessness.


And of course, they’re a really fun loving choir. The girl on the right is Lee Yi, their conductor. She’s really good at what she does. Unlike other student conductors, her whole body conducts the choir, and she knows what to do when things go wrong. Even though the choir I’m in, the YoungChoral Academy Chamber Choir, is virtually conductor-less, the one art of being a conductor is something that is so rare that only few can do it well, such as Lee Yi, and my good friend, the gentleman below…


Darrel Chan Yew Chung. Conductor of the Kuala Lumpur Children’s Choir during their performance as curtain raiser for the All-American Boys’ Choir. Here being ambushed by the choir he was managing, SMT Cherubim, our beloved guests from the Philippines and the obvious winners of the 2009 MCE Liason.

All in all, it was a great time managing them, unfortunately i can only spend HALF of the next 3 days due extra class.


Friday, 29 May 2009

Keep On Singing! - Celebrating 100 Posts!

“The feeling is just beautiful, when someone’s tears begin to fall with tears of joy that no one can resist!”
Drive The Sensation - Daniel Anthony



Drive The Sensation – Life’s A Journey is accessible via the shortened URL

Please update linklists and use this URL from now on.

Thank you.

Sorry for he long break without any posts. Exams just finished, and life is returning to it’s usual state. haha.

Well, DTS was established sometime in mid-October, after the 2007 PMR Examinations, and since then, the heritage and chronicles of my turbulent crazy life have been published to the world.

And now, almost 2 years since I’ve started blogging, I’ve reached my 100th post (yay!) and I decided to tweak the header and the subtitle. Hope you like it. Tag your feedback yea?

And if you’ve noticed, without paying much attention, every post on my blog has a quote from the lyrics of a song. Well, so now 100 songs have moved a little notch higher in the blogosphere thanks to DTS =)

The 100 songs…


1.    It's A Small World - Walt Disney
2.    Come Rain Or Come Shine - St. Louis Woman
3.    Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce
4.    Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown feat. T-Pain
5.    Broken Dreams - Daniel Anthony
6.    Longview - Green Day
7.    Church On Fire - Hillsong United
8.    Where Is The Love - Black Eyed Peas
9.    Teenagers - My Chemical Romance
10.    What Dreams Are Made Of - Hillary Duff
11.    I Fell In Love With The DJ - Che'Nelle
12.    Remember My Name! - Irene Cara
13.    Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
14.    No Alternative - DJ Merlin & C-Bass
15.    We Are The World - USA for Africa
16.    Do You Hear The People Sing? - Alain Boubil & Claude Michel-Schoenberg
17.    You Don't Need A Gun To Change The World - The Kuala Lumpur Children's Choir
18.    Calypso For You - The Young Kuala Lumpur Singers
19.    Any Dream Will Do - Andrew Lloyd Webber
20a.    Shut Up And Drive - Rihanna
20b.    Feel Good Inc. - Gorrilaz
21.    Stronger - Kanye West
22.    Shine Jesus Shine - Cliff Richard
23.    Together We Stand - SICYR `07 Theme Song
24.    Making Melodies - Unknown
25.    Happy Birthday - The Click Five
26.    Reach For your Star - Daniel Anthony
27.    If You Ask Me If One Song's Enough - Daniel Anthony
28.    My School, My World - Clarine Chun
29.    Count On Him Singapore - Dick Lee
30.    Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
31.    Love Song - Sara Bareiles
32.    I'm Walking On Sunshine - KC & The Sunshine Band
33.    Wake Up Call - Maroon 5
34.    Crank Dat - Soulja Boy Tellem
35.    Satisfaction Remix - Benny Benassi
36.    4 Minutes - Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
37.    The Final Countdown - Europe
38.    Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne
39a.    It's Raining Men - Geri Haliwell
30b.    It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls
40.    Photograph - Nickelback
41.    I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
42.    Pieces Of Me - Britney Spears
43.    My Paper Heart - The All American Rejects
44.    Welcome To The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
45.    Master Exploder - Tenacious D
46.    Wish Upon A Star II (Wishes Come True!) - Daniel Anthony
47.    Eagles Wings - Hillsong United
48.    Magnificent - Hillsong United
49.    My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
50.    Sweetest Girl - Wyclef Jean feat. Akon & Lil' Wayne
51.    50 Ways To Get Bin Laden - Wierd Al Yankovich
52.    My Name Is... - Eminem
53.    Born Free - Andy Williams
54.    Lord I Lift Your Name On High - Hillsong United
55.    One Last Hope - Danny Devito
56.    Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park
57.    Same Girl - R. Kelly feat. Usher
58.    Scotty Doesn't Know - Lustra (From The EuroTrip Soundtrack)
59.    In The Ayer - FloRida feat. & Fergie
60.    When I'm Gone - Simple Plan
61.    Your Love Is A Lie - Simple Plan
62.    Apologize - OneRepublic
63.    Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
64.    7 Things - Miley Cyrus
65.    Waterloo - Abba
66.    FreakShow - Pop Shuvit
67.    Receive The Power - Guy Sebastian feat. Paulini
68.    Shut Up - Simple Plan
69.    Farewell, Honeymoon Year - Daniel Anthony
70.    Auld Lang Syne - Traditional
71.    Check Yes Juliet - We The Kings
72.    Live Your Life - T.I. Feat. Rihanna
73.    Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback
74a.    99 Red Balloons - GoldFinger
74b.    99 Red Balloons - Nena
75.    The Government Totally Sucks - Tenacious D
76.    Mercy - Duffy
77.    Dirty Little Secret - The All American Rejects
78.    Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Alison Swift
79.    I Believe In Springtime - John Rutter
80.    Love Story - Taylor Alison Swift
81.    Are We The Waiting - Green Day
82.    Skyway Avenue - We The Kings
83.    Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil' Wayne
84a.    Warwick Avenue - Duffy
84b.    Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion
85.    How To Save A Life - The Fray
86.    True To Your Heart - 98° Featuring Stevie Wonder
87.    Disturbia - Rihanna
88.    Gives You Hell - The All American Rejects
89.    Viva La Vida - Coldplay
90.    My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
91.    Halo - Beyonce Knowles
92.    My Lil' Butterfly - Aqua
93.    Utopia 25 - Daniel Anthony
94.    Because He Lives - Bill Gaither
95.    Keep On Singing - Helen Reddy
96.    Hard Chinese Life Part 1 - Henry Chow
97a.    Instant Karma! - John Lennon
97b.    Instant Karma! - Duran Duran
97c.    Instant Karma! - U2
98.    Fire - Babyface
99.    All Summer Long - Kid Rock.   
100.    Drive The Sensation - Daniel Anthony

So now you know where this blog got it’s name from? It’s actually the title of the very first song I wrote

If you’re wondering why I changed A Composer’s Life to Life’s a Journey is because I love composing, but I’m not thaaat great of a composer myself, and there are hundreds and thousands out there who are more worthy than me, and so I decided to stick to my old motto – Life’s A Journey!

And the starry and hearty Celebrating 100 Posts! banner has 100 candles below it, each representing one post. It’s difficult for a blog to have a birthday, so I thought I’ll give it one. Haha.

Just a little saying that I got on Sunday, the 24th of May. The last day of my Sunday School. I found out that Where one journey ENDS, another BEGINS.

Lots and lots of love,

P.S. This doesn’t mean it’s the end of this blog!! Come back soon!

Saturday, 16 May 2009


“We didn’t have no internet”
All Summer Long - Kid Rock

Well, i don’t have an internet connection in my house now, and neither do I have a BLOODY PHONE LINE.

The post below was supposed to be up yesterday, but however, it never made it. If you called my house yesterday and no one picked up, let’s just say, I wish i could have. The phones are SILENT. there’s no sound coming out at all!

I hardly give my house number out anyways.

Today is the 17th of May, so from my little heart, though I’ve been a real pain in the ass and a test of faith, i still can’t run away from saying


I know it sounds odd that the way we treat you teachers is so terrible, and that I’m really money-minded (with the school fees and all), but take this sincere apology from me, and I hope that in the mod-year exams, I can make it up to you people. I promise I’ll try. :)

And not only that, I have to shout out to a special someone on her very, very special day.


May you have a happy and everlasting marriage, enjoy your honeymoon!*angel smile*

The wedding in St. Francis of Assisi was a real blast, sorry I couldn’t stay so long, Mum had an errand to run, but I’m sure everything went well, and that you had the time of your life today. Many hugs!


Through The Fire And Flames

“I say I don’t love you, but you know that I’m a liar.”
Fire -

Fire has always amazed me. I love playing with fire. It’s such an interesting form of energy one can fool around with, and of course, I have been bitten by the flames of stupidity.

However, I really hate fire drills. If it happens once, I'll be serious, but if it happens 4 or 5 times, then I get pissed. Any more and I’ll act as if nothing ever happened.

Now which corrupt syndicate would pull the fire alarm whenever someone down the road lights a cigarette?

You’ve guessed it. The very facility I attend. And in the past 3 months, they’ve pulled 2 FALSE ALARMS and 2 FIRE DRILLS. And yes, today’s drill was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

And how do I know that there isn’t a 4-alarm blaze within the perimeter?

This is something worth sharing.



People WALK People RUN
People follow EXIT SIGNS People take NEAREST EXIT
People SHOUT People SCREAM
“I don’t smell ANYTHING.” “Something’s BURNING!”
People CLOSE DOORS behind them People DON’T BOTHER!
People STOP and LOOK People BAIL!
NOBODY’S serious EVERYONE’S serious
Someone CLOCKS THE TIME That “Someone” GETS OUT
Someone’s SITTING AROUND watching ditto
People TALKING Approaching fire engine SIREN
Temperature remains THE SAME It gets HOT
We TURN OFF electrical appliances Mains electricity gets CUT OFF
People apply ZERO common sense People apply FULL common sense
People feel PISSED People feel SCARED
CONGESTION at junctions STAMPEDES at junctions
Fire extinguishers are UNTOUCHED Fire extinguishers are USED
WAIT, let me finish this first! Screw it! Let’s GO!
Someone STOPS to have a drink… RUN first, drink later!


The last big difference is that we re-enter the building MINUTES after the drill, but probably DAYS after a fire.

So if you have more than 3 fire drills in a period of 5 months, live life as usual! Just check with that table above and if it’s an obvious drill, screw it! Don’t let it waste your time, you have work to do. In that half-hour wasted you could have maybe closed a deal, updated your blog, completed an add maths problem, fed the dog, made a phone call, and probably a handful of other things.


We are aware of the properties of fire. We aren’t stupid. You want to see stupidity and fire going together? Go check out the Darwin Awards.


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Bells Will Be Ringing

“What the hell were you thinking of? Laughing in the face of love.”
Instant Karma - John Lennon/U2/Duran Duran

Check the date folks. It’s the date that the Malaysian Government showed the world what a bunch of racist, self-centred bastards they are.

It was the day that the Democratic Action Party, now known as the DAP and represented by a rocket, won the majority in the elections with hard earned votes. The DAP is a political party that consisted of mainly Chinese people, and in the overwhelming joy of winning the elections against the Alliance, embarked on a Victory march.

Of course, the Alliance can’t just shut up can they?

The counter-march launched by the Alliance intercepted DAP’s victory march, starting a massive riot that spread through the streets, bathing them in blood and bodies splattered across the street.

So for today, take a moment of silence to pray for all those who died an unreasonable death, for all the families broken up, for all the friendships lost, for all the relationships terminated, and most of all, for those who died for the glory of Malaysia.

On another note, have you heard about the Darwin Awards?

It’s the award that’s given to people who lose their reproductive capability to their stupidity, either to death or inability to reproduce.

Go to to read about these funny mishaps

They have sections for near misses and personal accounts, so I tried my luck submitting two stories, but they didn’t make it. go take a look. They actually happened, of course i changed the names for their privacy.

The stories: Short-Circuit Staples and Failure To Launch

Finally, the awesome SugarSweetGoodies operated by my beloved pet sister has lost it’s business :(. It was really pretty last time I checked. Well, just goes to show how *many* people read my blog.


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel

“Then he beat me, so I cannot stand! *dish!* Oei! Jo mah ye? *dish!* oss! OSS!”
Hard Chinese Life Part One - Henry Chow

I once again will elaborate on how PISSED i am today. I kept telling myself not to blast on my blog anymore, but this was really the last straw.

Sri Noballs has really pushed my boiling point to it’s limits today. Literally! Well, the admin has been on my nerves, and they’re not giving us a good run for our money (i’m talking 15 Grand a year!!).

Well, it’s not the entire admin board, but mainly someone who’s giving me a bad name. My name is defined as Judge of God. and i may not be the world’s greatest Catholic(neither may I be in the world’s greatest church), but I certainly know who God is, and yes. My name is in the old testament. His books tell glorious stories of triumph over darkness and evil (and i’m not talking about undone homework or short circuits!) and is even continued in the Deuterocanonical book known as Bel and the Dragon (Pick up a CCB or Good News bible with Deuterocanonicals and take a look at the index It’s after Maccabees 4 if i’m not mistaken). The title may sound stupid, but where do you think the parable of my good friend in the Lion’s Den came from?

Ok, ok. To begin this evening’s speech, i shall once again bring to mind that i am in a PRIVATE SCHOOL. Where my mother forks out nearly RM 15000.00 (NOT A TYPO! I’s really 3 zeros!) a year to send me to get a GOOD and DECENT education. Well, you’re doing well with the education, keep that up, but don’t drop everything else. Since when did a private school ever go for a year without ENGLISH WEEK!!?!!?!?!? Oh yea. I forgot. We’re the SCHOOL WITH THE (IN)DIFFERENCE.

Wait, they still don’t wanna get rational! We had INTERNATIONAL WEEK, which was a combination of ALL the LANGUAGE WEEKS. What the heck!!? You wanna combine languages now? As it is there are over 200 different dialects for CHINESE itself. Trying a language every 10 minutes in that one week won’t even be enough to clear that!

Ok fine, case closed. The whole week was so rottenly planned anyways. Don’t blame it on us, and don’t give the lack of time excuse. Once again I’d like to rub in the RM15K that has already flown out of my mom’s bank account into wherever the hell you put it. Stop watching YouTube and Facebooking during school hours. Youtubing and Facebooking is OUR job for OUR generation, so if you refuse to grow up and accept this then I suggest you’re better off playing scrabble or doing what you old people do. YES I’m AGEIST. None of you bastard adults can respect and accept our generation, and you all demand RESPECT from us somemore. You want some respect? Call me. I’ll show you respect, or wait! Try +603-79568145. Maybe they’ll show you old hags some rahspekt.

So ok. RM15K a year, and our air conditioning is left on. You have 13 BLOODY FORM 5 STUDENTS. WITH THEIR OUR COMBINED CASH YOU CAN COUGH UP ENOUGH ELECTRICIY TO POWER KELANA JAYA FOR A WEEK! And then they disconnect out air-conditioning for a week because it’s not off. You bloody assolic adults have your eyes all focused on the money now. it’s MONEY MONEY MONEY!

Ok fine. We lost to you because my mouth was dry that day and i couldn’t argue, so you all promise that it’ll be back by Monday. I can recall very, very photorealistically that it sad ON Monday and not AT THE END OF THE DAY. So if you want to bend your rules now, I’ll let you know you’re messing with the wrong guy. I have bent rules to limits that no one has ever dared to try before, so if you play jellyfish, i’ll play liquid. Fair? No! I’m smarter here.

Next thing. The relationship between me and my mother is MY business, and none of yours. I have my sources of help when i need them, and boy do they have the time to talk rather than your busy schedule. I don’t need your “professional help”. She’s MY mother. not OUR mother or YOUR mother, and yes, giving her a hard time is MY JOB, and I love doing it. You wanna call her, call her! Don’t drag me into this, and don’t put the load on ME to not give her a hard time. I give her a hard time as I please, when I please, so please get the HELL out of my relationships with BOTH my parents, before i get into yours. I’ll say it again, NOBODY can stop me from giving my parents a hard time because that’s MY JOB and MY ROLE as THEIR SON. And on top of that yesterday was MOTHER’S DAY. Don’t make it look like it’s OUR PROBLEM. it clearly says M-O-T-H-E-R’-S  D-A-Y, not turn-over-a-new-leaf-to-impress-your-mama day. It’s may be our job to make sure it’s a good day, but don’t use this God given day as an EXCUSE to blackmail us and ruin our Mother’s Day. It’s just plain STUPID, IMMATURE and SNOBBISH.

And I thought the Malaysian Gov’t was shit…well now it’s in shit anyways. Thanks to a bunch of Barisan RUFFIANS in Perak.


NOTE: This may be a strongly insulting and disrespectful post, but it was NOT directed at ANYONE in particular. Any person or references made in this post are entirely FICTIONAL. Any resemblance to anybody is merely COINCIDENTAL and UNINTENTIONAL. DO NOT USE THIS POST as proof of sedition, rumouring, blasphemy or whatever. YOU CAN TRY, and I’ll see you in court.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

You Are The Music In Me

“There’s not enough love in this old world so spread your songs around!”
Keep On Singing - Helen Reddy

Before the clock strike midnight, I wanna take this opportunity to say a very happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there. For every thing you’ve done for us, even though we treat you horribly, take you for granted and hardly repay the favour. For the times you have covered up and stuck up for us and we may not have liked it for some reasons, we wanna say a big thank you to all of you.

As it is Mothers are always there for us. They’ll work their ass off if they have to to give us what we want. They’re the only few people in this world who put our lives above theirs, and for some reason, we still take them for granted.

But no matter how ironic, it’s still Mother’s day, but if it’s not where you’re reading this now, just go up to your mom, give her a big hug and a kiss, and tell her you love her.

So mom, if you ever do stumble upon this, I LOVE YOU!

Btw, Google’s looking REALLY pretty today =) Never seen it in all pink before! Yay!



Wednesday, 6 May 2009

And Do I Dream Again? - Part 3 - High Tide

“An empty grave is there to prove my Saviour lives!”
Because He Lives - Bill Gaither

I’ve loved that song for quite a while. More than i like butterflies that’s for sure :]

For the second day I did things that typical holidaygoers would do. Eat breakfast, cool down in the pool and then hit the beach for some summertime fun. If you notice I have a hell of a tan now. We ran out of sunblock halfway through the day.

The waves were really great and high. It was fun feeling them splash against your body.

In the evening, we went to another town, where there were banks, souveniers, schools, libraries and restaurants. Ahh great seafood. On top of that, it was my Godma’s birthday, so we had a great celebration there.

We returned to the hotel early as the town was packing up and going to sleep soon. So me and my bro went to shoot pool and play foosball. While waiting for a table, we played ping-pong with this Iranian couple. The guy offered 500 Canadian to us if we could win. Obvoiusly we didn’t.

After pool it was raining heavily, and i was dicing around waiting for it to end so that i can have another dip in the pool while my family was asleep. It rained all night. I blew up my pink dolphin swim ring and waterproofed my dad’s old phone while waiting. The waterproofing failed though. The phone got slightly wet when I tested it.


plastic looks cheap too…but that’s one rugged phone. It’ll probably survive a bomb blast.

The next morning, there were pool tables and chairs in the big pool and it was closed for a while to the public. They reopened after breakfast.

So the next morning I woke up slowly and rushed through breakfast for a last dip before leaving.

When we got home, Godma wanted Yong Tau Fu. She liked the stuff, but because she was currently staying in Thailand, we drove straight from the Lumut Jetty to Ikea. She had to visit because there are no Ikea outlets in Thailand. she got some specialty stuff and treated us to some hotdogs, currypuffs, coffee and tea there.

When we got home, I unpacked immediately and then we walked out to the Ampang Tradition Yong Tau Fu shop for dinner. Joel excused himself to buy a reload for his phone. He went to 7-11 and ran into Sarah Tan there. On the way back, he tried to clear a drain and BOOM! Sprained his right ankle.

So we spent the night talking and i had to go to sleep first because I was the only one who had school tomorrow. Mom took leave and Joel needs no explanation why he’s not going.

I said kissed Godma goodbye the next morning before I left for school where i spent the whole Bio lesson sleeping.

Haven’t been able to move my ass in the morning since Friday. Damn!

Couldn’t sleep on Monday night. I used a pack of balloons I bought from a bookshop in Pangkor and finally made a cheapo mini version of the Qualatex Balloon Flower


No the purple balloon isn’t overinflated, the pink ones are kinda unstable so they’re underinflated. But it’s still pretty right??

Haha. Will update soon.


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

And Do I Dream Again? - Part 2 - Memory Lane

“25 lessons in 25 ways”
Utopia 25 - Daniel Anthony

On the morning of the 1st of May, which was Labour Day, i hopped into the car and began a 267km journey to Pulau Pangkor with my family and baptismal Godmother, Yvonne Dahlin. She’s from Sweden :).

So when we embarked on this journey, we did all so many things in the 4-and-a-half hour drive to the Lumut Jetty, making only ONE stop at Setiawan, Perak.

We arrived and were escorted really efficiently to our luggage check-in point. I looked around and did some shopping before getting on the ferry. And gasp! Insufficient seats!

So how? we sat in front on the floor next to the emergency exits eating our lunch right in front of the NO FOOD AND DRINK ALLOWED sign on the way to the way to the hotel, which owns the jetty that we docked upon. Pulau Pangkor Beach Resort. Undoubtedly one of the best hotels around. The rooms are beautiful, and we got 3 pool front couple rooms. The balcony doors lead straight to the pool! And if you’re a little more energetic, the private beach =). A beautiful one with fantastic waves. Somewhere to enjoy myself for the Labour Day weekend. Oh yes. the small but great room I shared with my bro.


Pretty huh?

It was a great hotel with lots of stuff to do and really generous buffet breakfast. So much to eat and so little time!

Anyway, on Friday evening, we summoned a taxi to take us to a town for some seafood and shopping. Guess which town we got?


That was taken with the Panorama feature on my Nokia 6210 Navigator. Not bad eh?

100 metres down the road from where i was stood…


The establishment that brought back the memories that would last a lifetime. Who remembers this road? I remember the bike I rented. The price has come down people! It used to be RM4 per hour and now it’s only RM2 per hour. Almost the same as a cybercafe rate if you don’t take the RM10 deposit into consideration. I rented one for old time’s sake and rode up and down the road just to explore a little, and I went to the beach that I once swam in. I still remember where my towel that one of my friends “accidentally” threw into the sea landed! Wow. how time flies. I could still see the gang playing volleyball with my blue beachball on the court, some sms-ing on the swing and others having a splashing good time in the sea.

The shops haven’t changed a bit either. Same stuff. More shops opened behind though.

Upon return, i did a bit more shopping for seafood and hopped onto the PINK taxi. The taxis are daredevil racers of the island, doing up to 75km/h on the winding hillside roads. I would know even though I was in the back seat. I was monitoring with my GPS. They’re the only people I know who can actually arrive exactly as a Garmin Mobile XT module would estimate.

And as we returned, guess what? The whole of Pangkor Island was in a power failure. Apparent overload on TNB. Half the marketplace was in darkness, cybercafe was down and our hotel, operating on generators, was unable to use the air-conditioning. We went to sleep after the power FINALLY came on again.

And Do I Dream Again? - Part 1 - Hindsight

“Green, Black and Blue like the colours of the sky”
My Lil’ Butterfly - Aqua

FOR SOME REASON i suddenly have a thing for butterflies…well, partially because they’re really cute in sketches and drawings. I’ve always hated real butterflies though. My mother would always warn me about approaching them because they’re so delicate and i really don’t wanna hurt them, maybe because they’re so pretty. The main reason is because i’ve got a phobia towards the “itching powder” that’s on their wings. But i have a soft point for drawings and sketches of them. So if you hear a guy shouting “BUT-TEEERRRR-FLYYYY!!!” all of a sudden then it’ll most probably be me. Haha :). Ok now for the serious part…

Malacca. The state that every school in West Malaysia has organized a trip to. Who wouldn’t get sick of it? I’ve been in and out of Malacca nearly 15 times in my short life, almost once a year considering that I’m 17 this year.

And knowing my rebellious, political, sensitive and argumentative self, after my old school, Seri Cahaya Secondary (they think they’re a unique bunch of bastards just because their “Sri” is actually spelled “Seri”) had been tossing us in Malacca every year while other classes, younger AND older have been enjoying trips to Langkawi, Pangkor and Tioman, we I had to start making some noise. I mean, we had been given MALACCA as our destination for 3 YEARS. I had enough.

After some bitter arguments, proposals and begging, we finally got a trip to Pulau Pangkor, where we enjoyed 4 days and 3 nights in Coral Bay hotel…

Aha, you think I’m going to continue before giving my 2 cents on the hotel? You’re wrong. Ladies and Gentlemen…Coral Bay Resort.

352914025603602!2!2!2E!3!2Images!2100_2009!2Pic_052[1] (Do notice the taxis are PINK! =])

The reception obviously has NO sense of direction. I was alone in my room bathing with NO towel (my roommates took them to the pool for a dip and the hotel REFUSED to give extra). The phone rang at about 10PM and wouldn’t shut up. I used that hand towel to cover my crown jewels, exited the bathroom dripping wet and answered the phone.


Can you believe these idiots? I’m bathing ALONE in the BATHTUB, lying there nearly MOTIONLESS, and they complain, so i politely told them that they got the wrong room when the 3 heroes i was sharing my room with burst in. Yes, to find me more than half-naked and dripping wet, on the phone. A very obvious set of footprints showed where I came from, and if I’m not mistaken, the tap was STILL ON.

Anyways. That was then. I lost my snorkel, glasses, laundry basket and almost lost my beach ball.

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