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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Angkor What!? -Part Two- Smile While You Kill

"War was beginning...What happened? Somebody set us up the bomb!"
All Your Base Are Belong To Us - The Love Dictators

If you have ever walked into the gates of Cambodia, you will know that life isn't as easy as it seems...

Welcome to the country of the poor and the desperate. At every street corner there are beggars and poor families struggling even to get 1 U$D per day. It's not as pretty as it seems. Really.

I took some pictures today to make up for yesterday's boring post, but the internet here is slow and very, very limited, so if there are pics on this post, praise the Lord.

Okay, Picasa don't work here, so I give up :(

Anyway, I went to the national monument this morning, where Cambodian and Vietnamese flags paved the road for the visit by the Vietnamese Communist Party's minister. It was nice. They even have this 90kg solid gold statue of Buddha in the palace. There are more than a thousand diamonds on her body! Yes. It is believed that the 5th Buddha is female!

There is a unique potpourri and hybrid between the Hindu and Buddhist religions. Statues of the Gods of both religions are seen inside. Making it an awesome sight.

Plenty of things happened today. Aside from the casino and the Central market (where I bought this pretty PINK hammock!!), the museum of Genocide was damn scary. I can't believe I walked on the grounds where 14 people, 13 men and 1 woman were killed!!

I shall update more when I get to Siem Reap tomorrow. I hope the internet there is better and faster. My time in this cybercafe stall is running very, very low.


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