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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Angkor What!? -Part One- Rhythm Of The City

"Take a breath, take it deep, calm your breath he says to me. If you play, you play for keeps."
Russian Roulette - Rihanna


I have safely arrived in Phnom Penh, Capital city of Cambodia. It's a really busy town. Roads are narrow and the traffic is unpredictable. Our tour group was probably the only minibus in a sea of cars and motorbikes. Still, it's a really nice place.

We were given a more than expected welcom at the Phnom Penh Int'l Airport. Apparently, after boarding the bus, we found out that the airport was destroyed during the civil war in Cambodia involving a couple of ministers. It was later in 1998 when a French company bought over the wreckage and rebuilt the airport. now, it has been bought over by a Malaysian company and is privately owned. that explains the oh-so-familiar welcome. Malaysia Boleh!!

I'm currently in the Chinatown of Phnom Penh, where thee are 2 equally active currencies. Can you imagine a typical sundry shopp selling half their products in U$D and the other half in Cambodian Rial? It's pretty amazing how they keep up, and the money flow is extremely flexible.

Motor vehicles here are cheap too. One can get a decent family saloon car for U$D 8000, but the petrol kills. Picture U$D 1.25 per're doomed to drive.

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures. I left the camera in the hotel room. currently I am seated in a low-cost internet cafe 5 minutes from our guest house, the Diamond Hotel. it's not bad for a 3-star hotel, but the lifts are TINY! they're like half the size of shower cubicles!

I'm running out of cybercafe time and I should really get back. I haven't bathed since I got here and I STINK. So looks like you're gonna hear from me tomorrow.



Day 2 of the programme promises many things including visits to the Police Museum and other attractions in and around Pnom Penh. Not forgetting the highlight of the day: Cambodia's largest international casino with a NO AGE LIMIT slot lounge! Stay tuned to Drive The Sensation - for this adventure!

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