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Saturday, 12 December 2009

All Summer Long

"You wanna change everything I ever was, try to erase me till I'm not there."
Faded - Cascada


I signed up for the January intake for SAM combination #14, and I can't wait. I never thought that I would make it to Taylors. My results were crappy and I didn't know what to do. Finally I have my foot down and now have a clearer idea of the master plan God has laid out for me.

After signing up in the Subang campus, mom drove me to the Lakeside campus for their open day. I spent some time inquiring about the degree courses they had before I made my way to this HUGE lecture hall, where the awesome Asha Gill was about to give a talk.

Asha Gill is the host of the Discovery Channel show Lonely Planet: 6 Degrees. She used to be a VJ on Channel [V]. She was really tall and she gave a really great presentation. I couldn't believe how turbulent her life was compared to mine. I thought I was riding the rough tides all along.

Asha did tell us that we should follow our heart because we need to prove to our parents that if we really want something, we're prepared to give our all for it. She told us the story of her career, the roads she took and where they ended, and she said something that I mentioned on my blog before - shit happens for a reason.

Plus, she said I looked familiar. Whee!! :)

After the talk I headed to the cafeteria for lunch, prepared by the culinary arts students of Taylors. It may not look so appetizing (maybe because of the polystyrene plate), but I tell you, it's the best "canteen food" I have eaten in my life.

Fish and chicken. Freshly made by the students as the day went by. Free of charge too! Plus they were doing these oh-so-pretty fruit carvings :)

So after lunch I went upstairs to see the engineering fair. They had some really cool stuff there. Valveless pumps, air-pressure driven cars, automatic hammer (apparently to smash other robots on a competition) and the champion of the fair, a mixer. I can't remember the name of the contraption, but it's really cool. You can make coffee using cold water with it!

They used phenophtalein indicator (hope I spelt that right!) to demonstrate it. I always loved using that indicator because it was pink :)

I love this balloon column they set up outside the engineering expo. It's so pretty! Reminds me of my heartsie...they're the same colour tooo!! :)

The lakeside is amazing. It's a beautiful view for a place to study and relax. I could have an entire vacation here! The four-story library, the cafes and the anticipated 80-room hotel is really something to look forward to. Sadly, SAM is only offered in the Subang and Hartamas campus, so I'll be missing the fun :(.

But I still can't wait for college to start!! Yayy!!


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