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Monday, 14 December 2009

21 Guns

"I guess it's true that love was all you wanted, cause' you're giving it away like it's extra change, hoping it will end up in his pocket."
Tied Together With A Smile - Taylor Alison Swift

I just finished watching Biggest Loser Asia, and it's a very inspiring show. There's more emotion packed in it than any other reality show I've ever watched be it American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and even The Amazing Race.

It's probably because the participants have to look at how the self-improvement in them really perks up. For talent shows these days, it only takes looks. Talent shows have become synonymous to fashion shows. Looks = talent. That's how the world has changed. It sucks. Big time. You need the looks and abit of charisma along with the ability to flick your hair to win American Idol. That's about it. With the exception of Carrie Underwood, the other idols have, in my eyes, failed to live up to the music industry. Even the runner ups (e.g. Adam Lambert, Lady GaGa) have proven themselves more successful. What a shame.

I was thinking to myself today (yes, I think to myself  alot) about the music and media industry, and how nonacceptance has crawled it's way in and sucked all the life out of the business. Money, politics and sex basically sit in the high chairs now.

A few years back, I met this piece of young talent in my school Sri Nobel. She didn't appeal much to me until I saw her age and how fearless she was. She inspires me, and now she's on a mission. Mission to do what? Simple, but not easy: Raise funds to purchase a Yamaha 12-string guitar.

Who's she? She's fourteen, she's a loyal fan of today's birthday girl, and she can really hit hard on the bronze and nickels. She's Amrita Soon, and she needs YOUR help.

Amrita had a successful first performance that raised nearly 8% of what she needed. She is having another performance in her house to get closer to her dreams. It's on the 19th of December from 3 to 4pm. You want in? Email Amrita directly at or facebook her -

I'll be out of the country on the 19th of December doing Angkor What!?, so I won't make it for her show, but still, I urge all you readers to go. Really, it'll be a real show of support for her, and that's exactly what our young artists need now - support.

So if you believe that dreams come true, you better be there!


P.S. I mentioned Amrita is a fan of today's birthday girl right? Wondering who it is? Taylor Alison Swift just turned 20 today. She's an inspiring singer-songwriter that Hollywood needs more of. Wanna hear Amrita's renditions of some of her songs? That gives you one more reason to go... :)

Still need a reason to go? Let this serve as a trailer.

Another lil' advertlet

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