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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

We're Leaving Ground

"Shake what ya mama gave ya!"
Push The Tempo (Ya Mama) - Fatboy Slim

CHILL FOLKS. I'm not at my computer now. In fact, I'm probably on the way to the exam hall, saying my final prayers and finalizing my details.

No, my soul is with me and I'm perfectly sane. I set this auto post up. Every Form 5-er throughout the nation is about to undergo the same thing. It's Bahasa Melayu Paper 1, Sejarah Paper 1 and Bahasa Melayu Paper 2 today, and I'm more than ready. As I believe that I've done my best, and the ball is in God's court not for him to do the rest. And so, just mere minutes away from SPM 2009, I finally am ready to call

With that, I bid all the SPM candidates throughout Malaysia the best of luck, and that may God be with you all with each and every letter you write!


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