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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

We Made It

"But through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit It out. I faced it all and I stood tall."
My Way - Frank Sinatra

Today is one day that'll remain in my heart forever. I never thought it'll come so soon, but it did. I've finally reached the pinnacle of my secondary school life. Although it's a little late, I still hold to my perogative that you're never too old to do anything, for age is just a number. Nothing more than a figure that appears on your biodata.

I used to have an illusion that bad schools produce good students and good schools produce bad students. It was what I thought during the painful year of 2007. I had to put up with some really rotten classmates, an ex-crush and SPM. The deepest emotional plunge that year was the passing of my grandmother. I still remember her pushing me to do well in my PMR, and the grief I felt when I couldn't live up to it. I regret making the promises I couldn't keep.

Upon entering form 4 in 2008, everything changed. New classmates, new emotions, new principal. It was a really strong culture shock. I couldn't believe that time has flown so fast since then. I never had the chance to do so many things. I felt that I missed out on what happened in the world.

Until something hit me in the face. Really, really hard.

It was thanks to the Character Building crew that came to Sri Nobel that I realized life isn't a negative struggle. Everything had a positive side. There are two sides to a coin and no matter how you toss it, it has a 50-50 chance on each side. The same way we can always choose to look at one side or the other. Everything that happens can be good and bad. It just depends on how we look at it.

My dad tried to take the video of us but the camera sorta messed up, so I salvged all I could to get the pics out.

Big sis <3 (Mandy)

Hold still la dear! So hard to get a good shot of you! :)

Miss Evelyn


He wants YOUU!

And with that, I have come to the last paragraph of this chapter of my life. I don't believe in closing doors, and you shouldn't either. Keep your past as a reminder that you once could do it, and that you could do it again. Life is full of challenges. Face them one by one. Just like the lyrics to the famous ABBA song I Have A Dream,

"You can take the future, even if you fail."

With that. Good luck. Live your life. It's yours.



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