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Monday, 30 November 2009

Ten Thousand Fists

"I've done regretting."
Sieze The Day - Avenged Sevenfold

FUNNY huh. Damn! I forgot to laugh!

Hide and seek is a fun game when we were what? 10? After that it just becomes downright insulting and very stupid. You think hiding other people's stuff will do you any good? I doubt so. I makes matters worse.

That selfish nature in you is getting to your head. My bag isn't magical. It doesn't move unless someone touches it. Can't you read the bag? It has on it. Who's blog is that? I don't think it's yours. Heck, that produst isn't even in the merchandise shop! I hand designed it!

It's just I-M-M-A-T-U-R-E. I spell it out because you debate with me about it. You don't see yourself in any picture because you're wearing a mask of egoisticness that covers your face. You think you're the hero. You forget everyone whom you made look like a loser.

You see, maturity is achieved when you give without taking. As I said about wine. It matures when it undergoes anaerobic respiration and makes use if what it's got without demanding oxygen from the outside.It takes what it has and produces good, delicious wine that everyone can enjoy.

Selfishness has it's borders. My biology textbook is in that bag. How am I to study? I have my ways. You don't need to know. I came with a backup plan because I knew your naivity will show up. Besides, one of you smashed a cream bun in my biology textbook. Funny enough for you? Don't point the finger. I'm not interested about who did it. I just know where to find my true friends, and it's certainly not among you all.

I still miss Sri Nobel. I miss the teachers, the administration and the students. You leave a bitter memory in my mind. You all chose to end the year like this. Remember that in the past few days I never started any converstaions, and it was because of your busybodyness and uncontrollable urge to know what people tell me  that made yourselves angry and stumbled me. You all planned this step by step. Every sms, every conversation was a bloody lie. Unlike immature idiots, I know who to trust. I know were my true friends are. I know who stands by me even if the world falls apart on itself.

So good luck with your whores girls and your future. Guess i won't be running into any of you again.


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