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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Some Hearts

"Here's a map and here's a bible if you ever lose your way."
Don't Forget To Remember Me - Carrie Underwood

I somehow feel re-united with my past... I was looking through YouTube and some lyric sites to settle my mind upon something that inspired me to write songs 2 years ago. I could only make out the last line of the chorus, and from there i built it up to the song I just quoted.

Carrie Underwood. American Idol Season 4 winner. Finally got the niggling bit of lyrics in my head paired up with the person who put it in there.

If you heard my composition "Wish Upon A Star" back in 2007, see if you can spot the similarities...

See what i mean?

Carrie has been an inspiration to me for many years. Unknowingly after hearing her music on Lite FM and not knowing where on earth it came from. She has an amazing voice. Though she doesn't write her own songs, she certainly performs them beyond the music scores and the 5-line staves.

I've not been a big fan of American Idol, partially because I don't have Star World on TV. Besides Carrie, there's someone else I believe who really stood his ground despite many people banging and kicking his legs. Even the blow of making it to the finals and not winning despite a rare praise from Simon Cowell didn't shake his dreams. I think you know who I'm talking about. Yup - Adam Lambert.

Adam is a homosexual, and he should be respected for that. America has much to learn. Heck, the whole damn world has a lots to learn. Especially us Malaysians. What's wrong with him? Why can't a gay person be an American Idol? He stood up for what he believed was right. He made a stand despite people challenging him. He stood his ground although idiots made him look bad. He ought to be respected. Kris Allen was just another everyday American. You can find them everywhere. He just had a sexy body and a good voice. The two things you need to conquer Hollywood.

Well. I'm off to study biology now, and gear up for a big fight that's gnna happen in school between the Biology papers tomorrow. As I said, idiots will remain as idiots because they don't want to change, neither do they want to look in the mirror and see what they are going through. True love conquers all. Cheap love can be knocked over by a toothpick, and in this case, a blog entry. You're just jealous because you can't blog.


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