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Monday, 16 November 2009

Refiner's Fire

"Look in case you misunderstand exactly what I'm building, things that I could leave for my children. Now I only wake up with a smile to see how far I've come."
We Made It - Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park

The glorious and fruitful academic year of 2009 has finally come to a grand close. Just like 2008, it is a year that will be dearly cherished, as well as dearly missed. I would give everything I've got just to live the last two years of my school life once again. It's sad to see it pass so fast. Tears come to my eyes when I look behind to see how far I've come.

It was an uphill struggle with friends and foes alike, and I certainly didn't have it easy all the way. Being a pioneer isn't all that bad. The sense of accomplishment that you feel when you reach the pinnacle of the destination you've been working towards triumphs over all the agony, anger, stress and weariness of the journey. It is a feeling like no other.

Being a Form 5 isn't a bed of roses. It may look like fun through our classroom window, but it's not as happy and as easy as we portray it to be. The life that a Form 5 student lives is full of dilemmas. Many crossroads have I faced in the course of this journey. Nonetheless, I look back to only smile and be proud of the decisions I have made. Coming to Sri Nobel was one decision that I am more than happy for making.

When I think of the moments I doubted the positive side of things, it makes me want to go back in time and scold myself. Being negative doesn't improve anything. It's one thing that is really, absolutely useless.

As I said that there's always 2 sides to a coin, and no matter how you toss it, be it from an arm's throw to off the Petronas Twin Towers, it has an equal chance of landing on either side. It goes to show that everything has it's positive side, and believing in it makes finding it easier by leaps and bounds.

I couldn't have done it without all of you in Sri Nobel. This time when I say everyone, I mean everyone. From the teachers I didn't like to the teachers whom I wait all week for their lesson, from the students that I lose my temper with to the students who I lean on, from the janitors to the staff, from Mr. Chan to Aunty Clarine. Everyone in Sekolah Sri Nobel made it possible.

I must say that this award doesn't really belong to me. Even though my name is printed on the certificate, I would transfer it to the name of Sri Nobel because YOU have made me who I am. YOU have changed my life for the better. This award is yours just as much as it is mine. Without all the things you've done, be it the International Week, the VERVE Character Building Programme, the Child Friendly City Forum or even the Satu Malaysia video production, I would never have made it to this state.

To my upper secondary classes, 4 Gold and 5 Gold, every member of the class (and it's alumni!) have helped me along the way. Some of you even carried me when I was too weary to carry myself. You taught me how life should be, and that I should quit the moaning and groaning because it's worth the living.

As for teachers, namely Ms. Juanita, Ms. Ng, Mr. See, Ms. Anita, Mr. Arumugam, Ms. Chitra, Ms. Niely, Ms. Munirah, Ms. Thana, Mr. Illan, Ms. Nalina and most of all, my class teacher Ms. Jaya, I've never seen teachers so loving, tolerant and caring as you all. Even though I disagree with you and may have hurt you in some ways, I believe that you forgive and forget easily. Your diligence and perseverance in teaching inspires me to keep on pursuing my dreams no matter where they lead me.

For a bunch of people who are really special to me, the school choir of Sekolah Sri Nobel, I want to say a big thank you for the support and love. You are my pride and joy. You give me faith that dreams come true and that I should never give up no matter what. I know I lose my temper almost as fast as Ms Li Ly, but I don't mean to hurt any of you. You people are one of the most succulent memories that I will keep in my heart as I walk out the doors of Sri Nobel.

To my principal, Mr. Chan, for the love, grace and faith that you have in me that I will succeed. You have sparked a perpetual flame in me that just keeps on going no matter what happens. A flame that keeps me strong and knowing that dreams are not that far away.

And as for every other Nobellian, thanks for being there for me when I needed someone, and for every bit of inspiration. Even the smiles on your faces are enough to help me see that life isn't so bad after all. The unending hymn of happiness that rings in the corridors of Sri Nobel are thanks to you.

On a final note, thank you Sri Nobel, for letting me give you one last performance of the school song. I treasured every moment of it, hoping that it would never end. I wanted to add yet another chorus to the song just to drive the sensation further, but I guess that all good things must come to an end.

Michael Jackson's This Is It ended with an image of his autograph and his picture followed by the words "LOVE LASTS FOREVER" there. Even though my last paragraph says that all good things come to an end, some things last forever. And love, my dear friends, is one of them. You all are in my heart and I will never, ever forget the little green-coloured establishment in Kelana Jaya and everyone inside it, for it was the place where my dreams began coming true...

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