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Monday, 30 November 2009

Pull The Trigger

"A heart is a heart, and it's not made out of concrete."
You Don't Hug And Kiss Me Anymore - Daniel Anthony

I vent, you vent, I vent, you vent. We shall stop reading each others blogs before we hurt each other. Deal? I think we need no referencing here. You know who you are.

Have you ever heard of a mirror? I sure have. I look at one every day, not because I'm vain. Heck, I don't care about the way I look. I'm ugly and I live with it. A piece of hotass like you won't understand.

I follow Michael Jackson's ideas because they make sense. I start with the man in the mirror. A straight plane mirror. You two are at loggerheads why? Because you just don't like each other. Deep down you're jealous of each other.

What he tells me, I believe. Why? He isn't vain. He learned his lesson painfully and bitterly, and I salute it. You fail to see that in the eyes of many, you are becoming more and more like him. Think I'm the only one? You're far from right.

Besides, who ever sad you're in love? You sound like the ghost of girlfriends past has given you a hell of a haunting. If not I hope she does soon. You think your self-centered life is perfect? Well, here's something for your overinflated Made-In-China brain. NO ONE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. Especially YOU.

You're a heartless bastard. You think girls are what? Objects!? Think of it. You live with 2 ladies. You think the female sex is a toy you can play around with and do your fuzzy experiments with? Your brilliant "scientific research" is tearing the daylight out of our modern-day society.

Oh I Chinese nutjobs can buy love with money...(Please forgive the racism. All generalizations are false. Including this one.)

Yes. I know it's my freaking fault. I know that I shouldn't have vented. But hey, my exams are far more important than your cheap love. Sounds selfish? Sorry! I'm a poor guy who needs these results. I can't buy my way in to University. You all can and even may have some cash left for a Mercedes-Benz.

This blog remains here. Nothing will be taken down, nothing will be censored, nothing will be removed or rephrased. I have a freedom of speech, and I have an important exam tomorrow. I have better things to do, but I can't do it. Why? You're all putting it on me now. Sabotage? Sound like it.

You afraid of me beating you in your exams? Sorry lah! Why the heck did you come to Sri Nobel in the first place. You step into my territory, you respect those who have been around longer than you.

And you're also into the topic of maturity. Well, society itself is immature, and those of us who care to ASK before making a conclusion are at least taking the rational step first. Your moral may sound fantastic, but i don't think you have even half of the 35 values we are taught. You think we who ask you are immature!? What about those who draw conclusions without asking? Aren't they worse? You should go to Singapore for a month. You'll learn something there. Besides. I think you'll be happier among your Chinese immigrant friends.

And in case you haven't noticed, this blog is protected by International Copyright law. You think you using my style of writing is very fashionable huh? This is Drive The Sensation's long proclaimed trademark. This blog has been standing longer than all your four blogs put together. I can commit to updating a blog. I have committed more than 150 posts to this blog because I believe in a blog. I legally own this piece of the Internet, whereas you don't even have ownership over your Facebook profile. It's not even under your own damn name.

Ok. I think if I vent anymore, the Google servers are going to explode. So I'll find another way to take it out. I have true friends who can understand me as well as my parents do because I'm open-minded. I keep no secrets. I have nothing to hide. Hit me with your best shot.


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