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Sunday, 1 November 2009

A New Day Has Come

"I'm infected by the sound. Stop this beat, it's killing me!"
Evacuate The Dancefloor - Cascada

Just got back from Scotty's place for a pretty worthwhile study session. We had a pizza party on Sat for his 17th Birthday, and it was funnn!! We all kneaded our pizza dough and prepared it ourselves. It wasn't a pizza party as a order-pizza-for-dinner party. And I think you all know what I did to my dough...

Pretty? Took me a long 20 minutes to mould it properly. I screwed up a few times but I was just in the mood. Haha. I'm lovesick again...

And the toppings...Tomato, salami, sausage, ham and cheese.

Made 3 lil' pizzas to use up the dough lol. After the oven it came out, and I had no heart to cut it... just being me. Scott couldn't get the circle well so he folded the edges in. And alas...idea. Home made stuffed crust...

Total screw up. Never gonna do that again...XD

Okay it's 17 days to SPM and I should be on my books byebye.


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