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Monday, 30 November 2009

In This Dust That Was A City

"If I could only take a second or even just a minute, I'd like to give you all your lifetime and put you in it."
Message To You - Scatman John

FIRST OF ALL. Will you quit your bloody selective reading and read the whole damn post of you want to hit back? I don't entertain debaters who knock on my door without sufficient research.

My theory of wine maturing has been standing months ago. I am observant enough to see nature in things and I believe that it's true. I have the ability to BELIEVE. It's what everyone lacks today because of untrustable people like you.

This blog is for public viewing, unlike your some invited-readers-only blog which is full of timidity. I express my feelings here why? Because I can't tell it straight in the face! I don't have the heart to! So what if I'm whiny!? I'm someone who needs somewhere to take it out!

And you think that I'm talking about you. You think that you're the only person pushing the powerdrill up my wrong end? Oh hell no. I may not be patient, but I'm patient enough to put up with 1 person doing that, but I crack when many are. You're doing nothing to help yourself. Why? You're taking it all on yourself. Stupid much? Who said I can't scold multiple people on my blog? You're reading other people's mail and getting beaten up over it. It's like reading your neighbor's electricity bill and getting mad. What's the point? If it's not for you, don't take it as yours!

You wanna study physics? Go! Who's stopping you? You can study because you're not being suppressed by multiple people. You can study because you're smart. You have mature control over you're feelings. You're a better person and I'm just jealous. I gotta take it all out why? I have an exam which my life depends on, and THAT, succeeds EVERYTHING, including God.

Have some decent RESPECT for the copyright law. If I didn't care, I wouldn't have taken time off my Biology studies to apply for it when it opened. People take time to think up certain uniqueness in their writing. You're being inoriginal. You're not creative enough to make your blog unique so you take what belongs to others. I don't because I can think it up myself. Others don't claim it, but I have claimed it, so it's legally mine no? If you don't wanna comply, at least have some respect.

I be damned.


P.S. He's NOT my mentor. He's my friend because he can FORGIVE and UNDERSTAND. He isn't perfect, but he accepts it and strives to be a better person. He needs help and I AM THERE TO GIVE IT TO HIM. I'm being a friend. True friend or not? That's between HIM and ME.

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