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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

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"Love is rare, life is strange. Nothing lasts, people change."
Old Friend - Michael Feinstein

Love is a rare isn't a dollar for a dozen pounds. Heck, you can't even buy it with money, let alone measure it.

I'm a walking contradiction. I tell people to do things that i don't do myself. At least that's what it seems like. I try to be a better man every day. I try my best, I let God do the rest. It's just sometimes God knows that I put in insufficient effort and plays along. That's when I have to come in again, and finish my part of the job.

I don't usually make extra miles in what I do, but when I do so, please bear in mind that fuel isn't free, and in this case, time isn't free.

Yes. Mr. X. I'm pissed with you again, and I bet you saw this coming, so don't complain.

I'm 17 and I haven't had a decent date in my life. Sucks huh? But looking back, i regret my choices. Many of the girls I stalked aren't open minded enough. And i don't want people to love me for my looks or my achievements, but for who I am. It taught me a lesson that I will not regret.

Open-mindedness is an even rarer gem now. It's worth more than all the diamonds put together in the world laid upon the biggest mass of gold this earth has. You lack it. You see the narrow path. You can't make out what's at the end of the road because you don't even know the road you're on. You have it deep down in your heart but you don't want it. Why? Because our messed up rotten society doesn't want it.

Oh wait. You said that you're hard-hearted, and even brought me the dictionary to show me the Oxford definition. Well. If you insist that you're a hard-hearted hag then sorry! You know what? You shouldn't date anyone! You shouldn't be complaining to me about romance problems. You shouldn't be accusing me of a breakup. You shouldn't be in love at all! You don't deserve it!

If you wanna love someone truly, look beyond the money. Look beyond the dates and hugs and kisses. Look way beyond that. Remember the line that differentiates a true lover and a cheap good for nothing: If you ever do cry, a true lover will instead of telling you to stop crying or to be a man, will dry your tears and feel for you. Empathy is the strongest of emotions. It allows you to exit your mental conscience and enter the shoes of someone else. It's the closest thing to a first-hand experience.

You wanna talk about maturity? Fine! Take a look in the mirror. You're suffering from delusions of maturity yourself! Look at the definition of maturity. We all can learn something from wine bottles. Yes. The slow-brewing liquor. The older it gets, the more mature it gets. Why? It gives out carbon dioxide gas slowly, bubble by bubble. It doesn't ask for anything in return. If lucky, that small bit of oxygen seeps in.

In the same way, one can only achieve maturity by giving one's best all the time without asking for anything in return, because one day someone will uncork the wine and savor it to the last drop. Just the same, one day you'll serve your purpose to the max, and everyone will want a bit of what you've got. Bad wine, especially those that have oxygen and airlock leaks are thrown away. They are bad wine or immature wine that has gone wrong.

In case you don't know, suicidal thoughts are an immediate sign of immaturity. Anyone considering killing themselves is terribly immature, and very materialistic. They think it'll bring them more good than bad because all of life's troubles will just disappear in a puff. It doesn't. All your troubles go to others around you because your stingy heart doesn't give a damn. Who wanted suicide just because one guy doesn't like her? I know I have had that stage, but I didn't go around telling the world that I'm a mature bastard. Heck, I wasn't even looked upon like that.

What!? Sexually mature? Okay big guy, you wanna talk about sex at the age of 16? Sex isn't hard to come by, but true, romantic, intimate and beautiful sex THAT is hard to find. You're probably looking at me as if I'm a sick bastard, but what's wrong with my last sentence? Sex is basically an act of reproduction, and it deserves some respect. It's pretty obvious you look for cute pretty girls who have the looks, chest and a** that suits you.

Love isn't about treating people out for dinner or for a movie. It isn't about flowers, big weddings and heart-shaped things. Love isn't about looks, disabilities and muscle. Love is blind, love is pure. What you're experiencing now is a pirated version of cheaply done up "Love". It's dirty, short-lived and too self conscious. The worst part is some folks even take it to erotic levels...

If you're dating and you're around your early or mid-teens, please take a while to ponder about what you really are doing. I know it isn't easy, but you need to know it now before others take advantage of you.

True Love,

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