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Friday, 13 November 2009

The Establishment Incorporated

"I feel the hearts of my people as we struggle every day to be the best we can"
Satu Malaysia - AMP All Stars

The days are turning into hours now as we shift into full gear for SPM. Somehow, SPM feels like it's still a year away.

I received my forecast results yesterday, and heck do I have a load to live up to. To keep my own hopes up i shall not post it here, or i'll let everyone down. The fun is really over. It's only 6 days to it. Not to the end of our struggle, but only to the beginning of the showdown. The chips are on the table, we have our cards. WE've passed the flop and the turn. With a diligent mind we can hopefully bring home the royal flush.

Sorry about the poker language. I'm getting hooked on Texas Hold'em. It's fun. It also improves your thinking :). Too bad I gamble with old conservative nuts who only play blackjack and inbetween every Chinese New Year...

Just after narrowing on my college choice, these folks had to come. I wanna cry :(.

Green Day. 8PM, January 14th 2010. It's a Thursday, and it's the second day of College. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh.

Nevermind. i'll get another chance. God wants me to pass this time :). I'll wait for their next album.

I found a great way to study BM. It not only helps your language skills, but can take you leaps and bounds in overcoming those Literature and KOMSAS issues. It's as simple as going to and doing this.

It works pretty well, though it isn't perfect. Beware! Not for those with diminished or absent common sense!


P.S. I'm going to miss you guys...

And not forgetting you all too....

Love and hugs!

Another lil' advertlet

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