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Thursday, 19 November 2009


"Keeping together just trying to keep this beat alive."
Alive - Mondotek

It's been a long day today, and I look over my shoulder to see that it was a really fruitful one. One where all my investments in midnight oil paid off well.

I came across a saying that God could fill any emptiness in your heart, but I beg to differ. God has His place in my heart, but his creations also have their places too. You can't fill a pit with sand that comes from another pit, because you will end up with another pit somewhere else.

In case you haven't realized, tomorrow is the last day of my secondary school life. It's nearly the same for every 17-year old in Malaysia. And I can't believe it's ending so fast...It makes me ponder about the one question. Why did I waste it? Why did i waste my life being negative?

Hatred is a feeling, and there's nothing wrong with it, but it's not worth it either. Hating someone is a waste of breath and time. So why hate? It's really not worth it.

I was in school till 5:45 pm today doing Add Maths with Mr. Chan. It's amazing how he explains everything. It's just like how God once showed me that if you can't put the puzzle pieces of your life together and you're losing your head, lift the pieces up to Him and he will drop them all perfectly into place just for you. It really works.

I took some pictures of Sri Nobel before I left today, and I must say, my heart would look the same next year....

The emptyness might make my heart invert upon himself and kill me, but I'll be strong. Tomorrow might be the last time I may be seeing some of you.

Nobellians, do know that I will miss you no matter who you are. From the form 4s guys whom we don't like very much to my crazy classmates, from form 1 to form 5, and from the Scouts to the Choir. Teachers included. I love you all very much. Though you may not be affected by my leaving, I am. I feel this burning sore deep down in my heart that made me write this post.

Life has to carry on, and hopefully I'll be back next year to coach the choir (please pray that Aunty Clarine accepts me!!), but till then, I have an exam to prove myself in.

With that, I love you all. From the heart.

That someone who's going to miss you,
Daniel Jeyachristi Anthony.

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