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Saturday, 14 November 2009

The CD Spins

"It won't be long before we're up in zero-G"
Planet Tokyo - Puffy AmiYumi

The fuse grows shorter and shorter. The road just seems to drag longer as we approach SPM, but it does feel like time is growing shorter and shorter. It's a really unique feeling that is although uneasy, is soothing to the nerves but tiring to the brain, as there's more cramming to do and be done.

The countdown has dropped to a whopping 5 days. 5 days to the first battle of the war. I'm still building confidence. I'm not at the stage to call All Systems Go, but I believe I'm almost there.

I still need some response. I'm pulling a handful of twitter-ers into it, but hopefully you can contribute. Even one tweet a day would be awesome.

The box will appear here above the posts starting 17th November 2009 at approximately 8:00 PM. Drive The Sensation MAY be updated throughout the course of SPM, so do scroll down to see the rest of the blog. As for all of you SPM-ers that want a little auto updating, feel free to paste the code for the live box into your blog. This box will terminate operation on 9 December 2009. Put it into a post and the archive will remain there for a replay even after SPM is over.

The code is below in Courier font.

<iframe src="" scrolling="no" height="525px" width="525px" frameBorder ="0" allowTransparency="true"><a href="">SPM 2009 - Emotions Through The Papers</a></iframe>

If you just wanna comment but not commit, you can message @paperemotion to submit your tweet to the board. Or if you're even lazier, there's a comment box on the board itself. Remember that messages to @paperemotion can be posted from TweetDeck, HootSuite, GladlyCast, Snaptu and any other twitter application. So if you wanna put up a shoutout anytime, just message @paperemotion!


P.S. Need a reminder??

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