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Friday, 27 November 2009

Before The Next Teardrop Falls

"What's that crap Papa knew it all? I've got my own life, you've got your own life!"
It's My Life - Dr. Alban

It was a beautiful morning. My air conditioner was on low at a perfect 27 degrees Celsius. I didn't want to budge. It's hard to move out of bed in such conditions. The mattress becomes a hundred times more comfy...

It's been a hot day though, but I love the heat. It works up a free sweat and makes you feel like you had a great workout even from a slow walk in the park. Ah the delusions. Be careful not to get addicted.

Edward came over to study Biology, and the topic of maturity came up again. Haix. Why oh why must we fall in love at this age!?

Some people are just so-called emotional and suicidal just to gain attention. Well. Think of this. If you're really suicidal, your heart will beat with all it's might the moment you pick up the knife, gun, poison, rope or any method that you choose to end your life.

I'm studying Biology now, and it really is true that our heart is a unique organ. It receives no direct impulse from the brain. The sinoatrial node, our natural pacemaker, generates impulses and can only be influenced by the brain during times of meditation or sleep. You have no control over it. It's the switch that God has in every one of us. He controls when to switch it off and end our time here. No one in the world can do that. So why force it off? You have a life to live! Do it! Throwing this gift away is a really stupid thing to do. It's like throwing all your prized possessions and money into a huge fire.

It's not like we have no discernment in our hearts, but why do people act like this? Making others believe that you're gonna kill yourself is a stupid way to "scare" or threaten them. Besides, it's a highway to the hell below us.  Don't forget that there is a very thick line between a kamikaze and a martyr.

BESIDES, we're in the heat of SPM right now. Why are you people still entangled in "love-triangles"? This is NOT THE TIME! Get back into the papers. And heck, we're still 17. We may no longer be school students, but we're still young and not going anywhere near the years when we can actually settle down and get married. People who get married at this age have an unstable relationship and make the wrong decisions. Watched Mamma Mia? See what happens when you play on each other? Marriages like that don't happen. No one would go to that extent just to get married.

Maturity is a hot topic now, and it's been passed though the broken telephones and become a monstrosity. There's a difference between mental maturity, emotional maturity and sexual maturity, but now it's been jumbled up so badly that someone with a a big ego and a lot of ex-girlfriends becomes a mature assole, whereas someone who stands up for what's right and is nostalgic ends up being immature.

If you saw my Twitter feed, I said that

A letter addressed to a "Mr. X" isn't for anyone, but no one should take it as theirs.

So why do people take every strike they see as theirs? It's like when someone fires a gun into the air, everyone gets hit by the bullet. The blind shot doesn't kill. Even poison doesn't kill. The action of taking it does. You can't blame a drug for your addiction to it. YOU are to blame. So why take the shot if it wasn't aimed at you? You're just being stupid.

I hope I got through to you who are reading this. Please do me a favour here. It's really simple:



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